Gem Water Water-A Source of Life

We Proudly offer Gem Water products by VitaJuwel. All products are made in Germany by artisan glass workers and master craftsmen. Gem stones are a variety of fascinating blends based on the insights of modern crystal healing. All gems are tested by Naturopaths and can be used to enhance the water to the frequency of the gem stone blends healing properties. -Park City Healers

Choose your blend of gemstones.

1.4 Billion pounds of trash ends up in our beautiful oceans, much of it is plastic

Vitalize your Wine in Style. Wine decanter & Gemstone Vial Vino

Selected wineries and professional sommeliers have recently rediscovered the ancient tradition of enhancing their wine with amethysts, and achieved amazing results. The Vino vial softens the wine's natural acids,making it taste smoother, while maintaining its fruity aroma.

Celebrating a great wine together with friends and family demands creating the perfect atmosphere, and preparing the wine the right way. Our specially shaped wine decanter holds the volume of a regular wine bottle, in addition to the Vino vial.

Handcrafted by our artists in Europe, it’s a true masterpiece.- and a conversation starter.

Vino Vial gem blend with fiery garnet, quartz granules and exquisite amethyst

Beautiful decanters make a stunning addition to any workplace, spa or home.

The vial wand is sold separately. Choose your favorite gem blend wand

Water and its Secrets
Help reduce plastic water bottle consumption and waste
Park City Healers

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