The Regeneration of Liverpool City Centre Caitlin mcgleenan

Why was Regeneration needed?

Unemployment was above the national average

Old city looked bad – run down, empty buildings, pollution

Doughnut effect

Industrial Pollution

Industrial Pollution in Liverpool

Old industries that used the River had gone into decline

The Planned Changes


Kings Waterfront


Princes Dock


Lime Street

Lime Street

Central Business District

Hotels, Offices

Green Space

Better public transport and better for cyclists. Bus and rail improvements and the merseytram will cut traffic. New bus lanes, shelters and stops are planned. Improved cycle parking and more cycle routes will be introduced.

The green space is good because you can get plenty of fresh air and exercise. It also means that more people will be out and about and the area will be a safe and healthy environment. The green space is needed as it reduces the traffic.

Green space

public transport

New Cycle Routes – what are they? Where?

The cycle routes are marked out along the side of the road to keep the cyclists safe.

Mersey Tram – what is planned for this? Where?

Mersey trams was a proposed light rail system for Merseyside, England. Originally proposed in 2001, forming part of the Merseyside Local Transport Plan, it was to consist of three lines, connecting the Metropolitan Borough of Knowsley with central Liverpool. The project was postponed due to funding problems before eventually being formally closed down by Merseytravel in October 2013.

Roads – what work is going to be done to roads?

There will some improvements on some roads to allow changes in traffic flow and some new bus and cycle lanes will be provided. the other changes are new traffic signals and wider road junctions will be introduced to help cope with increased traffic.


People will be informed through electronic technology which will provide information on public transport, car parking and for tourists Re-routing through traffic provides new areas for on off parking.

Pedestrianisation – what are the names of the areas where this will happen

Kings Waterfront, princess dock, commercial district, lime street station and paradise street development Area.

How is the new plan going to mean people come back, return, live there, work there?

The new plan would make people come back, return, live there and work there because there is a lot of on off parking areas which means if people want to go for a walk, run, cycle etc they could park there car and come back when there finished. It is a very nice place to live lots of places to hang out and relax. people would want to work here as it is handy to get to and there houses are close by.

Where will there be jobs?

There are major new office developments attracting more business and property to the city centre.

What new attractions are there

There are a lot of new attractions such as museums, shopping facilities, residential, leisure, major events venue, exhibition and arena facilities.

Are there any bad points about the plan?

Yes, there are some bad things about the plan such as old buildings would be knocked down. It would be very noisy. Old people might get annoyed, angry or even scared.

Will house prices go up do you think?

Yes, I do think house prices would go up because a lot of people would want to live there.

What will be the effect of all the building work?

A lot of old buildings would be knocked down to make room for the new buildings. These old buildings could have a lot of history.

Will community spirit be affected?

Yes, I do think community spirit will be affected as a lot of young people would move in and they would be very noisy. Old people would find this annoying and would start complaining.


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