Santander Interactive Brochure Early Careers and Exp Hire

The Brief

Santander were looking for a tech driven, immersive experience, and a way in which they could steer away from creating the age-old careers brochure. It had been seen as an outdated way to attract individuals to careers at Santander, and despite marketing themselves as 'Tech First' - they were far from it. They wanted something that was exciting, innovative, and above all; tailored to each individual user, allowing them to understand how their skills and experience could match them to a role at Santander, regardless of levels.

The Solution

Alongside a Creative Director, we came up with a number of new, and cost effective solutions to this problem - Augmented Reality embedding, non-print solutions and Web in-link designs. However, after investigating how to tailor make these solutions for each user, we agreed that it didn't quite fit the brief. Eventually we agreed upon a specific, online careers brochure, which would allow candidates to input their own details, answer a series of personality questions, and be surfaced with a 'individual' brochure, designed just for them, which surfaces the 3 most relevant business areas/ roles to their answers in a downloadable pdf to keep.

The idea of the brochure was designed to provide each individual user with a tailored, user-centric journey, which will enable them to asses their skills and experience against a set of non-leading questions. The purpose of this self selection process is to provide an individual with a 'desired' set of business areas, which suit their skillset and personal progression. I looked to provide a fantastic opportunity for each user to understand what may be required within a role at Santander, and how their personality and traits will match areas within the bank that they may not have considered before.

The Steps Taken

1. Analytics – I analysed the current ‘brochure’, in order to provide insights and recommendations of likelyusers, and how we can enhance their experience with a new innovative, tech-driven journey.

2. Content direction and approach – I analysed the previous brochure content and made initial recommendations of how the new brchure should be constructed, indicating what content should be pulled through from the existing, and what content should be generated specifically for the new careers site in the back-end.

3. Content creation – By managing a Senior Copywriter, we created the content that resides within the brochure, focusing on reassuring messages for Early in Careers candidates (EiC) and more experience tone for Experienced Hires.

4. Designs - I managed a team of two Designers and one Developer to create a style that was mirrored through brand guidelines, ensuring we would achieve sign-off from Santander Brand team, as well as achieving a high-level of design, which would be pleasing on the eye. Working in a collaborative style, and working regularly alongside Santander, I was able to influence my own understanding of the brand and client on my team, to ensure what we were designing would be well received.

5. Creating the questions - All six questions were created and designed by myself, as our copywriting budget had been surpassed, and I was able to use my time as 'L&D' ensuring it was non-billable. As I was well adversed with the brand and TOV, and having written previous content for Santander, I was able to create the questions, meeting the clients expectations, and also ensuring we remained on budget.

6. Creating the algorithm - I managed a stakeholder team of eight individuals, who represented each Business Area at Santander to create a bespoke scoring system, ensuring that a candidates responses to our tailored questions would result in a linked outcome to their skillset. I conducted three seperate focus groups with the eight individuals to understand how relevent each question was to their Business Area.

Each Business Area has a relevance to the questions posed, with a score of 0-10 for 3 possible answers. Although the user will only answer a question once, that question is scored against each Business Area for its relevance. For example, if the question was "Do you like interacting with customers on the telephone" a score of 10 for a 'Yes, I really enjoy this' answer would apply against 'Telephone Support' roles, as this is an absolute must for the role. However, scoring a 'Yes, I really enjoy this' answer for the same question against 'Audit, Risk, Governance & Control' would be less, as the use of a telephone in the role would be less of a preference, scoring 6 . Once this approach was added to all other questions, a total score was generated at the end for each Business Area, which then enabled us to rank the relevant content, dependent on which scored the highest, and surface that content in that order on the brochure.

The Result

Although initial analytical reports are yet to be generated to provide ‘hard-line’ facts; client feedback has been incredibly positive, citing the look and feel "conveys a user-centric, tailored platform, which is able to engage, exiting and inform anyone that comes to Santander for a job."

The brochure has been so well received, it is to be shortlisted by the client to appear at the RADS 2018 and the CIPD Awards 2018. I'm confident that this stylised version of a careers brochure is undoubtedly the future of information gathering, reducing eventual print costs in a technology-led, digital age.

If you would like to know more about this project, please feel free to email me: or call me on 07599 667 198

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