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The interactive brochure will be designed to provide each individual user with a tailored, user-centric journey, which will enable us to asses their skills and experience against a set of non-leading questions. The purpose of this self selection process is to provide an individual with a 'desired' set of business areas, which suit their skillset and personal progression. This will prove a fantastic opportunity for each user to understand what may be required within a role at Santander, and how their personality and traits will match areas within the bank that they may not have considered before.



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Career Level [auto drop-down]:

Starting Out

"Whether you’re a Graduate, Apprentice or Intern, or maybe you’re looking for your first job, we have a number of career opportunities to help you realise your potential with Santander."

Experienced Professional

"You're already established within your career and are now looking for a new challenge. Whether you have some financial experience under your belt or you’re new to the industry, we have the perfect role for you."

We have split the career levels into two separate entities: 'Starting Out' and 'Experienced Professional'. Given the wide variety of roles available at Santander we are unable to personalise the brochure to specific role-detail, and will need to keep it business area orientated. There is not enough differentiation within business areas to be able to provide meaningful content across four distinct career levels, as originally discussed. By reducing it to two, we are able to surface content relevant to both the candidate's interests and degree of experience.

'Starting Out' represents a culmination of Emerging Talent, as well as new starters venturing out into their first full-time role. Content surfaced after the questions are complete, will always lead with 'Emerging Talent' content first of all, regardless of ranking order - however, after this the Business Areas will flow in ranking order that relate to the answers provided, and suitability towards each area. This way, we are able to combine ET information, without segregating those non-ET individuals within one pre-selection.

'Experienced Professional' This is relevant for those who are already established in their careers - whether they are looking for a move within FS or are coming from a completely unrelated field. We know from experience that Senior Managers are the least likely users of a tool such as this, as they are aware of their market place and usual routes to apply. This negates the need to segment this audience as an additional career level. Furthermore, without displaying individual examples of Executive roles there is insufficient differentiation for experienced vs Executive recruitment.

Brochure Intro

It's important to introduce the brochure, providing further context to the user - the benefits of answering the questions, and the tailored, personal outcome they'll receive at the end of it. It will also act as a reassuring paragraph explaining that regardless of their answers, we will be able to match their skillset to a particular Business Area that will be suitable for them - this will also ensure we gain truthful responses from users, as there is no right or wrong answer.

"At Santander we’re more than just a bank. To help you explore the huge breadth of opportunities available, We have compiled a list of 8 questions to help match your interests to suitable business areas.
It’s important to know that this isn’t a test, and is about us understanding your interests, so we can find the right fit for you. We do ask all of our applicants to be as honest as they can with their responses. And remember, There is no right or wrong answer."
Questioning Rationale

All 8 questions have been designed as non-leading, judgement-based candidate perceptions. It is important that the user answers truthfully and honestly, highlighting one of three possible answers, that relate to the suitability of each Business Area. We use this rationale as an algorithm in order to calculate scores and ranking of Business Areas once we come to the end of the questioning. The questions and answers have been created in such a way as to not lead the applicant to simply clicking 'Yes/ I agree' to each question.

Scoring Explained & Tailored Content

Each Business Area has a relevance to the questions posed, with a score of 0-10 for 3 possible answers. Although the user will only answer a question once, that question is scored against each Business Area for its relevance. For example, if the question was "Do you like interacting with customers on the telephone" a score of 10 for a 'Yes, I really enjoy this' answer would apply against 'Telephone Support' roles, as this is an absolute must for the role. However, scoring a 'Yes, I really enjoy this' answer for the same question against 'Audit, Risk, Governance & Control' would be less, as the use of a telephone in the role would be less of a preference, scoring 6 (full spectrum of scores TBC). Once this approach is added to all other questions, a total score is generated at the end for each Business Area, which will then enable us to rank the relevant content, dependent on which scored the highest, and surface that content in that order on the brochure.

Closing out & CTA

It's important for us to leave the candidate with a positive close out message, appreciating the time they have taken to answer the questions, as well as considering Santander as an employer of choice. This will then contain a specific CTA, linking them back to the careers website for further information. This will ensure we have no dead-ends in the candidate journey - there is always a route back to apply.

"Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions, and considering a career at Santander. We’re confident that our suggestions will lead you on the right career path and help you realise your future with us. For more information on our business areas, and to apply, please head to our careers website" [link to be embedded]
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