Champagne Dosnon

La Maison Dosnon was created by Davy Dosnon who is very passionate about his work: the production of the Grands Vins de Champagne.

Native of Avirey-Lingey in the Côte des Bar, I wanted to created a modern and ecologically sustainable Maison de Champagne, endeavoring to achieve excellence and to honor and celebrate the diversity and quality of our terroirs.

My vision: Making great wines to produce great champagnes.

Nicolas Laugerotte, commercial manager of the domain, is my partner in this adventure and together we share the same values of excellence, precision and requirement.

The People
The Wines

La Maison Dosnon is located in Avirey-Lingy, in the heart of a unique terror called La Côte des Bars. Found in the southern part of the Champagne region, the vineyards are situated on rolling hills of hard limestone soils like Chablis.

This terroir, dominated by clay-limestone soils, inspires particularly rich aromas and flavors in the Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, which acquire an exceptional finesse and fruitiness as they age.

Our knowledge of the most suitable terroirs for this wine, as well as our discerning selection of grapes and crus, allows us to craft complex and enticing wines.

The Winery
The Area

Traditional Coquard Basket Press

Oak-Aged in neutral Burgundy barrels

17th Century buildings have been in the Dosnon family for generations

Ancient fossils discovered in the vineyards of Champagne Dosnon

Prestige and large format wines are hand-riddled.

Champagne Dosnon https://www.champagne-dosnon.com

Photography by Leah W. Meulemans


Photos by Leah W. Meulemans