Stressed about your upcoming figure skating competition? Learn how to prepare and perform efficiently! by ANNABEL KAIZAS

In the midst of competition season, time seems to fly by and it can be stressful to know what to prepare and pack. I know how that feels, as I’m a competitive skater myself. Here are a few quick steps to make your competition season more efficient and fun!

A skater working hard!

Step One: Always prepare the night before. This can reduce stress the next morning to rush while you pack. If you want, have a family member or friend help you pack so you don’t forget anything. Place all needed items in a suitcase or duffel bag.

Here’s a list of the must-haves:

Clean tights (no tears)


Music (don’t scratch the CD!)


Spare laces

Skate guards

Warm up jacket


Makeup and toiletries (hairspray, brush, hair ties, bobby pins, etc.)

Step Two: Print out your schedule and showtimes. You’ll want to do this so you’ll know when it's’ your turn to skate. You can get the schedule from the rink that you’re skating at. Typically, rinks like the Ice House have a section on their website for competitors. If you can’t find your schedule, call the rink.

Step Three: Once you've done the above, relax by taking a hot bath or watching TV. It’s always good to sit back and relax, the next day is going to be long but fun! After your bath, and get ready for bed.

Step Four: Set your alarm to at least 45 minutes to an hour before you leave the house. Most people need that much time to get ready. Make sure to charge all devices (smartphone, fitness tracker, watch etc.) before the competition.

Step Five: Go to bed early and eat a healthy breakfast the next morning. You'll need the energy and sleep so you can be refreshed and ready to go.

Step Six: Once you get to the rink, get dressed and do your hair and makeup. Try not to eat or drink anything other than water; you don't want to stain your costume. Remember to use lots of hairspray and bobby pins! This is also a good time to stretch and warm up on the ice.

Step Seven: When it's your turn, skate as best as you can. Don't forget to smile because you've practiced. Take your time and skate with your head up! Be happy for those who have placed higher or even lower than you, they have worked hard too.

Step Eight: Don't forget to bring your trophy if you won one to go take the group picture. Group pictures can be very memorable for many skaters.

After competing, you will find that it's easier than ever to prepare for a competition; and efficiently. By following these tips you will be on your way to becoming a successful skater. Remember, these tips can work for any sport or hobby, too!

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