My Favorite Photographs Larry Miller, ppa Master photographer, craftsman

The Following pages reveal some of my favorite photographs made during the past fourty one years.

This photograph shows the grace, beauty and charm of dancer Abbie Griffin while she lays on the rocks of one of my favorite places in the Smokies, "Greenbriar." I used two strobe lights to light the subject. One light in front and the other in the back added the highlights.

This photo was taken of the Titanic Museum located near Pigeon Forge Tennessee. I had to replace the back half of the image including the smoke stacks in Photoshop because an entrance way and gift shop is in front of the second half of the photograph. I also added the stars and the smoke rising from the four smoke stacks.

This photo was taken on Douglass lake near Sevierville, Tennessee. It was enhanced in Adobe Photoshop.

"The Puppy" My Grand Daddy's Greatest Gift to me,

This favorite photograph was made 35 years ago for PPA Print competition and toward my Master of Photography Degree.

"The Pink Wagon"

I had passed this wagon many times before I finally stopped to make the photograph. I had to shoot in between the wire of a fence to get the image. Several hours were spent removing many electrical wires from the back ground.

"Princess Kayla"

I had known Pinkie Ministry for years and knew of her heritage. One day I saw her out in town and asked her if she had any traditional clothing of India and would she pose for me. She did and this photo has won several awards.

"My Beloved Brother" Jerry, Go rest high on that mountain.

This photo of my late brother Jerry was made in Mexico on a trip for he and his beloved Kathy to marry there. Wis his passing I learned that you never know how much you can love a person until they are gone.

"My Betty"

Pictured is the love of my life Betty Webb as she posed during out trip to Mexico with my brother and his friends.

"Arches National Park, Utah

I have stopped riding my Honda Goldwing Motorcycle since this photo was taken. I have ridden many thousands of miles across this beautiful land of ours.

"I kissed A Girl"

During the fourty years of operating my own studio, one of the many specials I offered was "Grand Ma's Attic Day" This event was special because the children dressed up in clothing supplied to me and posed on a scene denoting a Grand Ma's attic.

"Sweet, Sweet Jasmine"

Look at those eyes. Jasmine was probably one of my favorite models. Her Mother was my house keeper and Jasmine along with her brother would always accompany her. It was a treat for me to take them riding in my convertible and go for Ice Cream. But the most fun was photographing Jasmine with her intriguing eyes. The family has re-located and I miss them all.

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