Time. Money. Energy. As a single mom with two teenagers, It just seems like there’s never enough of any of those things. In fact, it felt hopeless. And I was exhausted. I was like, what’s the point? Then, two years ago, at the invitation of a friend, I found a group of people who had a direction for their lives. They had a purpose. And they helped me find mine too. And oddly enough, I really didn’t expect to find it there. The place was church. The time was Easter. That was MY new beginning.


I had the Lexus, the gated community home, the vacation home ... everything the world tells you is important. I was at the top of my game. Pulling down six figures. I should have felt like I had arrived, right? But there was something missing. In fact, the emptiness was so desperate, I tried to fill it with things that almost destroyed me and everything I had built - you know… alcohol, sex, and well… stuff. Then, as a last ditch effort, I decided to go to a place on a hunch it MIGHT make a difference. It did. That big void in my heart got filled with purpose, peace… REAL life. The place was church. The time was Easter. That was MY new beginning.

Come join us this Easter

Easter Sunrise Service celebrating our great hope, at the cross on the east side of the church property with breakfast to follow in fellowship hall. You are invited to attend one of our Bible Study groups that will meet at 9:30 AM. Easter Worship Service (celebrating Our New Beginning in Jesus) is at 10:30 In Worship Center.

7:00 AM (sunrise service) 10:30 AM (worship service)

298 Pine Level Rd - Cairo, Georgia 39827

(229) 377-1620

visit our website at www.pinelevelbaptist.org

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