The Middle Colonies Stone A.


The Middle Colonies were known by the bread basket colonies and the made lots of money from farming.

Also, they made money from Tobacco farming.

They also made money from fishing.

They also made money by being lumbermen for lodging because the trees where massive.

One last think the mined for oars like iron and other oars.


Lumber was from the trees that were massive because the natives did not chop them down.

Rivers were every were and were good for fishing for food and to sell.

Copper was a ore that was mined for selling and for crafts like pots and coins.

There were lots of bays for new harbors for when ships would come in they would have some were to drop of supplies for the colonies.

Reason for Founding

Quakers want and need land.

Dutch want to get land in new world.

king of England wanted to take the land that was in between his other colonies.

Duke of York goes to take land between his colonies and the dutch give it to him and he changes the name to New York and the city New York City.

In most of the states the still do a lot of farming. New York has apples, Pennsylvania has bread,and New Jersey has Mixed farming.

And remember.....Come to the middle colones please!!!!

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