Looking back down Union Street The Aberdonian

Union Street is the heart of the city and in this week's Aberdonian we take a look at it through the years.

From shops and restaurants to parades and carnivals, Union Street has witnessed much since it was first established in the 19th Century.

Our archives are full of pictures of its development and some of the hustle and bustle seen from 1950 - 1991.

An aerial shot of Union Street looking west to Holburn Junction
A thunderstorm all but clears the street
Up come the cobbles and the tram lines on Union Street in October 1958
Pedestrians on the march at the busy Bridge Street and Union Street junction
Heavy traffic in this picture taken at 5pm as buses and cars ferry people home
Snow in the 1950s with Queen Victoria surveying the wintry scene at the corner of St Nicholas Street
Umbrellas and headscarves tell their own story as crowds brave a downpour
Oodly Doodly the clown entertains youngsters with some magic balloons in the run-up to Christmas
17ft boat Shalako shed a wheel near Market Street when it was being transported for a refit
All the fun of the fair thanks to the Aberdeen City Centre Association
18-month-old Laura Burr and her dad John at the city centre traders Christmas festival
Robert Carter tests the new seats built at the west end of Union Street as part of a modernisation scheme
Christmas rides on the first of five Sunday pedestrianisations in the run-up to Christmas