Dress Code By Paola Solanes & Alan Banuelos

The dress code is part of every school district, and its existence has been causing constant controversy in the fairness of this set of rules. Amber Macias, a new tech student, is in charge of the management of the dress code project.

“I chose dress code, because I’ve been called on my way of dressing many times because I don't like following it, I don't know why we are restricted in school. I don't think we’d be good without a dress code but I don't think we are good with the way the dress code is now.So I chose to go against it,” Macias said.

The purpose of this project is to speak up and find a point where both teachers and students agree and are comfortable with the strictness of the dress code.

“I believe not many people want to speak their voice and i believe that by me speaking up everyone is going to be enticed to speak their voice and somewhat change the culture so I do believe is an interesting topic,” macias said.

The main issue concerning Macias is the unfairness towards gender restrictions.

“The females have more rules to follow, like the females are being blamed for attracting bad attention and we can’t show our shoulders because apparently that's attractive, we can’t show our thighs because apparently that's attractive. Girls are given more rules because of male attraction,” Macias said

She has faced many obstacles that retained the process of achieving dress code fairness

“I feel as if [the school system] allows us to think that they are going to fight for a change but they are not really going to push it and if something else comes up this is going to be forgotten,” macias shared, “some of the teachers have spoken to me about it, of how it’s not up to them to decide. Also the securities ‘cause if you don't follow it they take you to an office and demand that you change your clothes,”.

Macias has been working on a solution to bring attention to this situation and be able to find the most convenient answer.

“I've spoken to the CIT already and I’ve asked them if we could come to a compromise and have students say what codes should be modified a bit so it can fit both students’ and teachers’ needs,”she said,” Another solution probably would be getting some teachers to speak on our behalf because some teachers have some restrictions too since they believe is absurd too,”.

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