Goodwill Awards 2019-2020 Nominated by their teachers for their integrity, respect and sportsmanship, 10 individuals were selected by the senior class of 2020 as Good Will Award winners.

Lena Albo

"Lena Albo has been a member of the girls varsity basketball program for the past 4 years. She has selflessly given to the team as well as many others over the course of the years. She always puts her teammates and coaches above herself, seeking to serve their needs above her own. She regularly volunteers at an elementary school to selflessly give of herself to enthusiastic young minds. She is an amazing young woman with many gifts and talents, one of which was being a tremendous basketball player and person."- Girls basketball coach Kimberly Demarigny

Lacey Argus

"Lacey is a natural leader and demonstrates positive qualities of a Warrior in and out of school. Her role as a Student Council Officer gave her the opportunity to speak on behalf of her peers. This was not a role she took lightly and definitely brought the student voice to our meetings. Her leadership qualities are also evident in her involvement with Link Crew: she saw a need, pitched an idea, and went for it. It is because of her and students like her that the freshman class felt so welcomed this year. Her commitment to the Des Plaines Youth Commission also demonstrates the characteristics that are deserving of the Good Will Award. Congratulations, Lacey!"- Student Council sponsor Samantha Archer

Angela Dugalic

"Angela Dugalic has been a starter on the girls varsity basketball team since her freshman year. She is a tremendous athlete, but an even more tremendous person. Despite being an elite female athlete, Angela has always demonstrated a heart of compassion and concern for others. I have watched Angela on countless occasions stop, kneel down, and speak to adoring young fans with kindness and genuine interest in inspiring them to personal greatness. She is never too busy for others."- Girls basketball coach Kimberly Demarigny

Kensey Reeves

"Kensey is one of the most selfless students I have worked with in my 22 years of teaching. She continually sets a positive example for others in and out of the classroom. Kensey is extremely visible in many service events that benefit the Des Plaines community. She also takes initiative by continually encouraging involvement from others to participate. She is extremely reliable and looks for ways to improve our school and community. She truly makes a positive difference for others."- Career and Technical Education teacher Carrie Barone

Jacob Riedl

"Jacob is the ultimate competitor. He was a three-sport athlete for all four years, balancing athletics and academics. He was a role model in the sporting arena and in the classroom. Like myself, Maine West and Des Plaines should be very proud to call Jacob one of their own!"- Boys basketball coach Thomas Prokopij

Andrew Schacke

"Andrew 'Drew' Schacke is one of the most respectful and kindhearted students I have had the pleasure of working with over my tenure at West. While he was never a member of my class, his work in the jazz band and musical pit orchestra was nothing short of outstanding both in performance and quality of character. EVERYONE wants to be around Drew because he makes you feel included in the conversation and lifts your mood up to be more positive. He will be missed."- Jazz band director Bernie Gerstmayr

Ray Ure

"I can't come up with enough superlatives to accurately describe Ray. He's an outstanding young man who's had a tremendously positive impact on Maine West as a student and as an athlete. He was a great leader - he led by example, his work ethic was second to none. He also was a great teammate. Even though he was the best runner on the team the past couple of years, he always thought of himself as just one of the guys. His teammates absolutely LOVED him for the way he handled himself and the positive way that he treated everybody."- Cross country coach Andrew Trotter

Dylan Van Fleet

"Dylan has always shown great sportsmanship after both winning and losing. She knows what it's like to be on both sides and has always handled herself graciously. Dylan truly knows what's being a Warrior is all about."- Soccer coach Jeffrey Bishop

Niki Vujcic

"I've never seen someone at such a young age master the art of being in a million places at one time. Beyond being physically present, she is mentally devoted to excelling and giving her all. Nikolina Vujcic has been an athlete that I've trusted and admired throughout her time a part of the cheer leading program. She has left an impact on those younger than her and I wish her continued success in her next stages."- Cheerleading coach Jay Funches

Malaika Zaidi

"You could look all day long and not find someone more deserving than Malaika to be selected for this honor. A person of outstanding character and determined work ethic, Malaika brings people together and builds people up. As a Westerner editor-in-chief, she held herself to the highest standards as an award-winning writer and leader, and her wisdom and patience guided others to succeed, too. I will miss the joy and dedication she brought to all she did at Maine West." - Westerner adviser Laurie McGowan

By Jenna Daube, assistant opinions editor, Aileen O'Connor, assistant entertainment editor, and Sarosh Khan, assistant in-depth editor