Annie Dedas art portfolio

The best part of this piece is the color because it is completely opaque and covers the pot evenly. To improve this piece I would flatten out the clay better and make it so it is less bumpy.
The best part of this piece is the body of the pot because it was sculpted well and is symmetrical. To make this piece better I would make the lid better because it would add to the piece.
The best part of this is piece is the colors because they all go together well. I could improve on this piece by making it less dark and adding lighter colors to define the edges better.
The best part of this piece is the blending of colors and the defined shadows. To improve I could've put more effort into actually drawing the trees
The best part of this piece is the way it was drawn. I could improve the color range to make the figures more visible.
The best part of the slice and dice is the pyramid figure. I could improve this piece by connecting all the shapes together and making it flow better.
The best part of this piece is the shading because it is done realistically. I could do better in this piece by making it look more like me.
The best part of this piece is the way I carved it out and how I drew it. I could improve by putting a better layer of ink on the brayer when printing.

5. My favorite piece is the green clay teapot because it is pretty and well made.

6. My least favorite piece is the landscape because I don't like the colors and it is not drawn well.

7. Overall I think my strengths are drawing and clay.

8. Overall I think my weaknesses are printing and painting.

9. A piece of advise I would give myself is to always remember to turn in work on time because I forget to a lot.

10. I think I deserve an A for this semester because I do all my work and the quality is good for the most part.

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