A day in the life of my past two years (Yes these aRe all just pictures of my girlfriend)

I chose the topic of portrait to really base my whole project around. Instead of just having portraits of multiple people or doing a project with pictures of a bunch of things,I chose to just have portraits of my girlfriend Emily. These pictures were taken over the course of just a few days instead of choosing to do my final project over a month or even just a week. I really benefited from this because it just helped me knock my project out instead of waiting to take the pictures until the last minute.

The reason I chose this topic over anything else is just the fact that it would be easy for me to do Also easy for me to accomplish, I am nearly with my girlfriend everyday so just taking a few pictures a day really helped me complete this final project for my 1st Photography class. Thank you for your time, and enjoy.

Portrait, Story Starter
Portrait, Color psychology, Open Image
Portrait, Open Image, Diagonal line
Rule of thirds, Leading Lines
Story Starter, Color Psychology
Portrait, Story Starter
Portrait, Small Scale
Portrait, Texture, Leading lines
Portrait, Story starter
Black and white
Rule of thirds
Portrait, Side Lighting
Portrait, Story Starter
Vertical Lines
Portrait, Texture

Hi I’m Colby Stocker I was born on October 4th of 2000, I have many different interests such as video game collecting, comic books, cars, and photography. Currently I am taking my first photography class at Henrietta Lacks Health and Bioscience High school and I am currently a sophomore.I now live with my grandma and I have two little sisters who don’t live with me currently.

Outside of my photography life I have a 1990 Mazda Miata as my daily/project car. I am Currently doing a slow restomod project that could turn into a drift project. Or I could just end up trading it for another car instead. I spend a lot of time with my girlfriend and make a lot of memories with her in the process.

Overall I really like my photography class and had fun doing it. On the other hand keeping it as a hobby is a different story i enjoy taking pictures of things or memories, but going out of my way just to make a set or take pictures of something seems like a lot to me and I don't see myself doing it in the future.

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