Many Of One By Omri

Many Of One

2019 | Electronic

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“You may call it a virus, but we call it the antidote. -- It's an answer to silence, the future is here to revolt."


  • An electronic musician out of Los Angeles, CA.
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Luke Tatum

It certainly seems at least at first pass that this is an anti-religious tune, but like we've pointed out so many times this year already, statism and religion have far too much in common. "We're coming home with a mission; To tear you down from your underserved throne." Lyrics like these work against monarchies, democracies, republics, or whatever else mankind fancies to install as a ruler. I also rather like the line "Aren't we all insisting to be small?" because it reminds us that we can be bigger than we are. As the great T. Harv Eker would say, "“If you want to make a permanent change, stop focusing on the size of your problems and start focusing on the size of you.”"

Sherry Voluntary

This synth-pop song is right up my ally. I have a long time love for this style, and of course the liberty ideas in this song are good. I love the line “You may call it a virus / But we call it the antidote.” That is exactly how I feel about anarchy. It has been maligned and derided as a terrible and scary condition for humanity, but it is actually the one thing that humanity needs in order to truly be free and reach greater human potential.

Nicky P

I'm personally always a little leary by language like this. Many of one can mean different things depending on which part of the phrase you choose to weigh heavier. It's inescapable that human beings are social creatures that thrive in groups. But the mst important factor in how successful these groups are, is decided by the individual skills that are present within the group. No amount of comraderie will build a skyscraper if you don't have an architect amongst your ranks. Similarly, the internet never gets to usher in a dreamlike future without skilled programmers and computer engineers. It's these individuals with passion to be great and creative for themselves that pushes the innovation that has allowed us to thrive as we have. As long as we're focusing on the one that adds up to many I suppose I can be on board.

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Nicky P

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