Dred Scott V. Sanford Nathan Sanchez and Damon Stewart

Dred Scott lived in the free state of Illinois and the free territory of Wisconsin. He then went to Missouri.

When he was in Missouri, he was taken and he was sold. He started to argue with them that he lived in a free state for over ten years, so he couldn't be sold.

He wanted to to sue his owner but, his owner thought that he couldn't. He sued the widow that he was left to.

The city of Sandford, said that an African American couldn't sue any one. They all agreed that they had to be slaves until their debts were payed.

When he got to court, the court decided that he had no right to sue the widow. The supreme court decided that he had to be the widow's slave.

The laws of the country changed by giving slaves the same right that white people had at the time. They decided that African American slaves had the same rights as white people had.

Culture changed because white people had to give the rights to African Americans. African American's were still discriminated, but they couldn't be slaves to anyone, they had to be paid for their work that they did.


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