Dragster on a small scale by Maxime Guillet

The past, present and future of Dragsters

The past

It all started in bone dry South California, in the 1930. On a dried up lake bed. It was opened for hot rods who wanted to dare there top speed. Then world war 2 came around and men and boys learned a thing or two about speed from building aircraft. This led to them putting there knowledge of speed to the test on there cars. This leads to the new generation of dragsters

The present

Dragsters are my definition of fast cars. Big, loud and fast. Going 335 miles an hour and being able to go a distance of 1000 feet in 3.7 seconds. These machine are amazing. Now it's considered an American sport and a tradition. The new challenge is to make them smaller, quieter and to take up less fuel

The future

The future dragster might be faster, small and quieter and consume less gasoline and reduce the dangers of crashing. We can turn dragster in to the future of trains, cars and any sort of transportation. Maybe even led us to invention as floating cars and inventions like in Star Wars. The future could be very soon, maybe 2018 or 2090. Who knows...

3 contributing factors

1. Aerodynamics

Having smooth edge a small slopes on your dragsters can help you dragster not have much drag. My car is smooth and has very little drag causing it to go very quickly.

2. Weight

Weight has an impact on your dragster. The more weight gives more friction. Sometimes less weight is better or sometimes worse. I decide to go with a heavier car.

3. Friction

Friction and drag can be seen as the same thing. Aerodynamics is also like drag. Place that I want to make sure that doesn't have drag is my dragster body and my wheel axles to insure a smooth and fast dragster.

These was the dimensions
This was the specifications

What happened each day

2-13-17, I believe today I will be able to cut my axles holes and cut the sides.

2-14-17, yesterday I cut everything, today I will sand to perfection. I am going to add a bit more wood glue due to the fact I did not drill the proper axles in the right place.

2-15-17, more sanding and hopefully make my dragster more arrodynamic and use 400 grit to smooth it out and plan to prime it with paint

2-16-17, yesterday I did not paint, today I will paint a sand some extra burrs that are still on my dragster

2-21-17, I will be putting color on my dragster today. I'm going to make a camoflauge look by smearing dark green, white and green.

2-22-17, Today I will take off the painter tape a paint some drip from my camouflage paint job

2-23-17, Today I will put painter tape on my camouflage paint job and spray paint the rest purple.

2-24-17, Today I will paint my number on my dragster

2-27-17, Today I will paint numbers on my dragster and touch up some of my painted lines.

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Max Guillet

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