Texas After Reconstruction By jamie carrick

1. The redeemers limited the size of state government. 2. Redeemer law makers began passing laws to enforce segregation, or forced separation between different races.
3. The laws of segregation laws became know as Jim Crows laws. 4. The Jim Crow came from the racist song "Jump Jim Crow".
5. The Jim Crow song was made famous by white performer Thomas Rice, who wore blackface in his act. 6. Most of the farmers became tenant farmers.
7. Farmers who lack some things get bigger part of the crops and are called sharecroppers. 8. As long as tenant farmers owned land him and his family could not leave the land.
9. By 1880, about 40 percent of all Texas farmers worked as tenant farmers. 10. Both white and black Texans were tenant farmers, but the percentage was far higher among African Americans.


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