Hoyland Common Primary School October 2020 Newsletter

Settling in

Eight weeks in, I have to say I am really impressed with how staff, pupils and the overwhelming majority of parents have followed our guidance. I have not had to speak to one child about staying in bubbles or not following our new rules and routines in school. Last week, as part of our ongoing risk assessments, I spoke to every class, and all pupils could really articulate the daily classroom routines we have to keep each other safe. I have also been blown away by the way pupils have settled back into learning. We have had some of our most creative, inventive and original writing outcomes this half term and that is down to the hard work of both pupils and staff – keep it up!


Following on from the Attendance at HCPS Spark, we would like to remind you of the attendance initiatives that are now available.

Classroom Based Rewards-

Classroom Based Rewards - The class with the highest attendance percentage for the week will receive a class certificate PLUS the chance to win additional choosing time the following week.

Key Stage Rewards-

Key Stage Rewards - Our Key Stage awards will consist of our Most Improved Attenders. Our lucky winners will win themselves the chance to have hot chocolate with Mr Fallon on the last Friday of every month. Each lucky winner will win an additional prize of a Fallon's Fiver for their class.

Fallon's Fiver-

Fallons’ Fivers - Within every class, we will reward all children who arrive on time. Each class has a glass jar, which when filled, holds the value of £5.00. When a child arrives on time for school, they will earn themselves a counter which they will place in their jar. As soon as the class fill their jar, they earn themselves a Fallon's Fiver. The more times a class fills up their jar, the more cash they earn! For the class with the highest cash fund at the end of the term, they will receive an additional £5 bonus.

At the end of each term, every class will cash in their Fallon's Fivers. They will be given a choice of how to spend their money which will include:

• Movie afternoon with popcorn and snacks

• Pizza Party

• Hot Dog lunch

• Ice Cream Party


• Afternoon Tea

• Purchase of class games for a games afternoon

Parent Initiative-

Parent Initiative - At the end of every term, we will generate a parent prize draw. If your child has a termly attendance of 97% and above, then you will be entered into a prize draw for the chance to win a £50 Love to Shop voucher.

Spooktacular Event

On Friday 23rd October, HCPS will be hosting a Spooktacular Event! This event is a chance for children to get dressed up and take part in some Halloween themed activities and competitions! Children can come to school in Halloween fancy dress!

Our School Council have also arranged some competitions for children to get involved in! Our KS1 children can enter our Halloween colouring competition and KS2 children can design a Halloween Outfit or pumpkin.

All of the activities that are listed above are optional!

Parents Evening

Parents Evening will take place on Tuesday 1st December and Wednesday 2nd December and will be done via a telephone appointment. Parents will be able to book their appointment slot via Arbor. We will send out all the relevant information on how to book appointments via the Arbor App.

Recycling Uniform

We would like to remind parents that we are happy to accept unwanted uniform. If your child has grown out of their uniform or they no longer wear it, we will take your uniform in and reuse it within school. We kindly ask that the uniform is in good condition and that it has been washed before it has been brought into school.

Dinner Debt

We would like to remind parents that if your child has an outstanding balance on their dinner account, we cannot provide them with a school meal, until the debt has been cleared. School meals are £2.10 each day and can be paid for via the Arbor App or we can take card payment over the phone. Parents are more than welcome to come into the office and arrange a payment plan to clear any outstanding debts.

What have we been up to in class?

Nursery- During Circle time, the Nursery Children came up with a list of class rules!

Reception - Class 1 and Class 2 have been reading the story Supertato! But the Evil Pea trapped Pat the Melon in the Freeze and Supertato had to come and rescue him!

Year 1- Our Year 1 Children came to school in Fancy Dress on Monday, this was to celebrate their Love of Reading!

Class 3- Mr Clare
Class 4- Mr Gridlestone

Year 2- In Year two we have been looking at how to tell the time and using our investigational skills too!

Year 3- In Mrs Burkill's Class and Mrs Miller's class, the children have been doing lots of exciting learning on their new topic! They are looking at The Vikings.

Year 4- In Miss Eyre's class the children have been conducting science experiments. The children had a look at which temperatures certain foods change state!

Year 5- In Year 5, we had a visitor! Glen came in to school and showed the children which items are useful for survival and what these items are used for! Year 5 had lots of fun.

Year 6- In Mr Hackney's class, the children took part in a P4C lesson and had a discussion on diversity and what is going on in the world right now.

Year 6- Miss Griffin's class received a half destroyed diary entry from Clayton Anderson, telling the children all about his journey to the International Space Station!

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