Fishery Manager The Job that keeping we have enough FISH to EAT.

Fishing have been too easy recently that makes people catch fish faster than fish can reproduce.
Fishery is a place where marine life are cultivated then take cared of then use it harvested for food. And Fishery Manager makes the population of fish stay stable.
A average Salary of a Fishery Manager are around 3800-4300 dollars and there are only 34,510 of them in U.S.
Fishery management actually have a long history in Asia. In Asia people makes Fishery Manager in the river or a lake.
Fishery Manager usually manger fish in a government-like style to mange fish. They made the rules that showing how many fish a fisherman can fish each year.
If a group of people have been taking too much of a single kind of fish, it will cause that kind of fish's population decrease really fast. And that is why we need Fishery Manager to make that group of people work together to save the fishes.


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