The Row-Bot

The components of a Row-Bot include a microbial fuel cell, plastic casing, and a "brain" that controls the Row-Bot and sends messages to the computer that may be monitoring it
  • Due to many oil spills that have polluted many parts of Earth's oceans
  • Many species of wildlife and plants have died because their habitats have been destroyed
  • New Row-Bot's are being made to treat pollution through the use of a microbial fuel cell
  • These fuel cells use specific types of bacteria to treat certain types of pollution
  • Though this does allow some of the pollution to be treated, the Row-Bot can only work in slow cycles that can range from hours to up to about three days
  • This is due to the fuel cell providing low amounts of energy to the battery
  • If there is enough battery power left after the battery begins to recharge, hopes are that the Row-Bot will be able to send a message about where it is if it is being tracked or how much pollution they have treated within a certain amount of time
  • Row-Bot's in development are not biodegradable, so people track where they are so the Row-Bot's can be collected if need be


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