Tanzania MMT - Clinic Day 3

Our third day of clinic went smoothly as well. We are refining our flow and using the safety huddles to address any opportunities for improvement. It has really been wonderful to see the Tanzanian and American teams work together and find such joy in the labor. The dedication by all workers is heart warming.

Faces of the clinic

Patients presenting to the clinic seem to be experiencing similar illnesses. Some of the more common diagnoses we are seeing include urinary tract infections, high blood pressure, skin disease, and arthritis. Each community tends to have common threads for health concerns. Through our interactions, we are trying to provide health education to each patient. We are focusing on hydration, nutrition, hygiene, and many more topics.

Each day a group of women prepares a wonderful lunch for us. We have enjoyed ugali, rice and beans, and a dish similar to hominy. The flavor of the meals has been wonderful, and we are super impressed by the timeliness of the preparations. It is a joy for the whole team to be able to eat together each day.

Lunch time under the trees

As the clinic begins to wind down in the afternoon and the final patients are being moved through the last stations, our team has the opportunity to interact with the children hanging out at the clinic. It brings great to joy to them and us to play games and sing songs. Each culture teaches the other a new game through the use of gestures, smiles, and a few Swahili words. True enjoyment is experienced by all.

Morning prayer and devotion

Each day there is a group of patients who we are unable to see due to time constraints. Their names are written down on a list of patients to be seen the next day. The challenge is becoming that we are concerned there will come a time when we are unable to see all who desire treatment. Access to healthcare is scarce in this area, so our team would like to care for as many as possible.

Mt. Kilimanjaro

The weather has been lovely during our stay. Mornings have been cool and overcast. The clouds begin to break midday, and by the drive home we are treated to the beauty of Mt. Kilimanjaro peaking through the clouds. This mountain is truly a maginificent sight!

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