perception isn't reality By Julian Saldaña

Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin propaganda (1933)

Joseph Stalin held control of the USSR in many ways. One effective tactic was to mold the perception of the Soviet citizens.

Propaganda: The Soviet Union allowed freedom of religion. However, the great Communist Party revealed the truth of many priests and churches. They had misled the poor and were attempting to gain their own power. Also, every citizen already saw it as reminder of the old Tsarist Regime, so they didn't want to follow any religion for that reason too.

Propaganda: The Soviet Union was very generous by building functioning modern houses for all workers.

Propaganda: Stalin was very influential in that he wanted a rapid industrialization period in Russia. He placed quotas on factories, and by 1940, the mass production of goods tripled the rate in 1928.

Propaganda: Stalin was so kind by giving everyone free health care. Also, due to the mass amounts of money, their was now an influx of doctors who would now be able to care for more citizens.

Propaganda: Thanks to Stalin, he increased the literacy of all Soviet citizens by 73%. Additionally, the education system was very good.

Propaganda: The Communist Party was the definition of saviors. They created a classless society in one that was oppressive. Everyone was now happy and absolutely equal.

In reality, all of those were a lie.

1.) Religion was hated by Stalin, so he banned the practice of any religion in the USSR.

Religious propaganda

2.) Housing in the USSR was terrible for the citizens. You were either sent to slums in a distant town or had no home at all.

Slum in Soviet Union

3.) Stalin had placed many quotas on the factories of the USSR in hopes of actually making all them. Instead, factories rushed towards the end of the months and therefore created products with poor quality. Also, workers who had not met quotas would then be punished harshly.

Factory in Soviet Union

4.) Due to the lack of food and shelter at the time, many were either freezing to their deaths and/or dying of malnourishment. Due to this rise in patients, there weren't enough doctors or medical equipment to use on them.

Hospital in Soviet Union

5.) Half of the schools in the Soviet Union lacked central heating, running water and sewers. Also, they were taught subjects that were were contrived by the government. Most were false and glorified Stalin.

Students praising their leader

6.) The Communist Party fought for a classless society, yet were very strong in power and control in the Soviet Union. They also lived a very bourgeois lifestyle.

Stalin propaganda

For further knowledge into life in the USSR:

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