The Untold truth about Otzi's Death By:Jason.k

Iceman's copper Axe

Who was Otzi?

  1. Otzi was a man that lived long ago in the northern mountains near the border of Austria and Italy. He was a hunter some scientists say but that's just an inference nobody really knows, well they did find a cooper axe near his body that was preserved for 5,300 years deep beneath the ice. This is why some scientists think that he was a hunter looking for a daily's worth of meat when he died. Some people say well why is Otzi so special? because he is the only mummy in the world that is preserved with all its remains attached and is over 5,300 years old. This is really fascinating to some people because we can get some evidence of life long ago and what actually happened. Some people question how he was discovered. Well he was discovered by hikers hiking the mountains in the area of Otzi's body they saw a person sticking out of the ground and contacted the local police right away. The media soon got connected and made it a world wide conversation scientists took the body into a museum and studied it they find several new things about his body everyday and find answers to them.

How do I think Otzi died?

Personally I believe that Otzi died to extreme weather and hypothermia of course this is one theory out of 4 but this is what some scientists believe how he died also I have done research on what theory I think is the most realistic way he could have died. I believe that one day Otzi was traveling in the remote mountains of the northern alps and he was prepared for harsh weather conditions but he encountered really heavy snow and high winds this is when he was walking up the mountains to the other side to meet with villagers on the other side. As he was traveling he started to slow down and he started to freeze but as he tried to push himself he could no longer and he fell to the ground with frozen limbs but as he fell into the snow he instantly froze and he stayed preserved frozen in the ice for thousands of years. I also believe he was ambushed by the other villagers and after he got shot at on his left shoulder he tried to escape but the flint inside of him poisoned him and he passed out.

In conclusion, we should always respect everyone's theories and what they believe and we should consider perspectives of different people and not just stay "closed fisted" we should see what other people think so we can have more knowledge about Otzi in overall.

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