The Spacial Experience---

The lights were dimmed, the room was chilly, the theatre was packed. I walked in and made friends with the two sitting next to me and soon after the play began. I was in the middle section the the right facing the stagehand it was optimal seating because we were not too close and not too far away. The dimmed lights was a catalyst to the mood of the night, it was a lighthearted seriousness, formal yet casual.

The Social Experience---

I attended the theatre alone but quickly made two friends, John and Nick. It was nice meeting them and sharing the memory with them because its always fun to do thing with people; when we look back one day, we can share in the joys of that experience.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience---

The play was centered around a boy and his desire for the things of the world and his effort to mask his abuse as a boy. He was brutally abused and the man who committed the crime is of high esteem within the community. It is a play of bribery and shame, yet redemption and mercy. This reminds me that our world is not perfect, but there is always a light that can shine through.

Emotional Experience---

The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt, is brutally real and does not dance around the idea of abuse, discrimination, and murder. It captures lives that never are seen by others and allows the viewer to examine his or her own life and self . We are all people of this world, it is time to start acting like a community and paying attention and loving those who may not get the attention or love they deserve.


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