Washington we need a winner

Past Experience

As you may know, Mr Washington was in fact a British lieutenant in his younger life, but after Mr. Washington decided to fight for American freedom he became a general in the Continental Army. His bold moves and strategic tactics outsmarted the British and helped America win the war. He is a one of a kind man who's smarts greatly out do any others. If you believe in this country, do it a favor and elect a winner

"Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth"

Experienced Cabinet

Washington's cabinet is made up of highly experienced individuals who know what they're doing when it comes to running things. Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson are two very different people, but they're both highly effective at what they do. Thomas has years of experience working with other countries and is a highly experienced statesman. He is respected by not only our allies, but our enemies too. Alexander is also a brilliant individual. His work would mainly consist of managing government money. Alex

Thomas Jefferson ( Secretary of State Pick)
Alexander Hamilton (Secretary of Treasury Pick)

The Elastic Clause

The Elastic Clause is a necessary piece of our constitution. Congress is made up of people we elected, so these are people who share our beliefs. We should trust them with the power to do what they thinks is necessary and proper. This is not total and complete control as some make it out to be. All the Elastic Clause is, is giving congress the power to do what they think is right for the people that elected them. Nothing more, nothing less.

Answering questions on the Debt.

Alexander Hamilton and George Washington will help get this country out of debt. First, we shall pay back all the countries that gave us money throughout the war. We need to earn their trust, or else America will have no chance as a country. Secondly, we shall raise government revenues. This means that the government will have more money. Lastly, Alexander will oversee the creation of a National Bank.

Capital Questions

Washington D.C. is a GREAT location for our capital. Its sits halfway between the North and the South, is a very diverse area, and gives everyone a chance to see their capital. Although D.C. isn't the most pleasant at times, with the addition of a capital it's sure to be an amazing place to visit.


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