Red Snow a new adventure

As snow white is locked away in her step mothers castle she hides in the corner planning her escape.

She has been locked away in her tower. Taken from her prince and the dwarfs she calls family. Going crazy with no hope in sight she is only living off the scraps from the castle.

She first waited for her love to come and get her, yet days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months and months turn into years.

She has given up hope and plans her freedom at dusk she will rise and seek revenge on the ones she called loving friends.

In the same forest in the farthest corner a young girl is leaving her mothers cottage

But as she leaves, her mother shouted "Oh red don't forget your weapon".

Little red runs back to her mother and turns to go to her granny's cottage in the middle of the woods.

The young girl skipped on the well known path to her grandmothers cottage. But as she skipped on the path she hears a rustle in the bush and turns in surprise

The wolf comes out from hiding and red holds her weapon close. "my dear red what are you up to" he creeps forward

Red does not answer. She holds her weapon and takes a step forward. "Don't tell me young girl that you have come here alone!"

The young girl smirks and turns away. "I feel as though creatures of these woods would know by now that they should be fearing I see no reason why I cant be by myself."

The wolf takes a step forward "Oh and why should I be frightened of you, you are no more then 5'1 and most likely weigh maximum 35 kg. I could snap you like a toothpick."

The Little girl smiles "that's why I always win. I can manoeuvre around how ever I want" The girl lifts her blade and turns with one big swing she kills the wolf.

The hooded girl picks up her basket and carries on to her grandmamma.

Dusk has now fallen and Snow has gathered her belongings. She has now started to climb out of a small hole in the wall of the castle. She jumps the rest of the way down and reaches the ground.

And ran as fast as she could into the forest with out listening to the shouts behind her.

She runs and runs until she can't run any longer and as she stumbles she walks across a path.

She stands there in thought and soon minutes pass. She hears foot steps close by and soon a young girl dressed with a red coat comes walking by.

although she did not seem a threat she still had a bad felling about her.

"hello young girl can you tell me were i am". The girl glanced at her and walked past. She then stopped and turned she answered "in the middle of this forest". She then kept on walking.

Snow white now free did not know what to do. She wondered and then decided to go the same way as the young girl

She walked and walked and walked. Her stomach yelling with hunger every step of the way. soon she came across a cottage.

She walked closer and started to hear mumbling. She fought with her self deciding wether to knock or leave. a voice behind her spoke up "do you want to come in" she turned in surprise and saw the same hooded girl but this time she could clearly see her face. She had long straight auburn hair, red eyes and red lush lips with of course a red hood.

The girl stood there looking bored "well are you or not". Snow did not realise that she was lost in thought and felt heat rush to her face. "Yes please".

"Hello young lady what are you doing here"? There stood an old lady who looked frail. "Oh sorry Miss i didn't mean to cause problems". Snow was trying to be as polite as possible.

She looked around for the young girl but all of a sudden there was a loud thud. She turned to see the old lady had fallen over taking the lamp with her.

little red came running in as fast as she could.

Little red looked at her granny and sat down next to her. She checked her pulse. A soft whimper came from the girl.

She turned to snow "WHAT DID YOU DO" the young girl got to her feet "WHY DID YOU KILL MY GRADMA". She took her blade from behind her and tried to hit Snow. "YOU MONSTER" She missed with every swing.

Snow ran out of the house trying to calm Red down. She knew she couldn't leave the young girl on her own. Red pulled out an axe and Snow stopped moving

Snow stood there not knowing what to do. "please believe me...... I didn't do anything"

The girl stood there and soon fell to her knees and just cried

The two girls came to there senses and moved in with each other in granny's old house. Red helped with her revenge and Snow helped Red with her depression.and they lived happily ever after.

Information on the characters

i chose animated instead of live. I found it hard to find exactly what i wanted but it also gave me ideas that i wouldn't have thought of otherwise.

I decided to go for medieval time where there were castles and different towns and kingdoms.

I used Little Red Ridding hood and changed her to be more vicious.

Red riding hood has red eyes and auburn coloured hair.

i also used snow white and changed her to be a bit insane

She has messy hair thats dark blue and black eyes

The set mostly takes place in this large forest with but some scenes that are outside of the castle or ones of the cottages

This is what Snow Whites chamber looks like


Created with images by taberandrew - "Moon Through Trees"

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