The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt A Spark Story by Johnny Ambers

The Spatial Experience

Overall, the atmosphere played a tremendous role in my experience at the Constans Theatre. A performance can either be significantly better or worse simply based on the surrounding environment. At the Constans Theatre, I was immediately taken away by the setting. The lights were dimmed and the stage was dark, but the props were still visible so I good get an idea of what they were going to use for the performance. Then, my friends and I had first row seats. This gave us a fantastic view for the performance and we were close enough to the performers that we could clearly see the immense detail of their makeup and attire. This certainly enhanced my interpretation of the performance. In fact, at one point I could see the actress playing Sarah Bernhardt actually spit into a group of girls in the audience when she was speaking. Furthermore, when the lights dimmed all the way and the audience quieted, I actually felt a chill go down my spine. Then, a group of people burst onto the scene, which surprised me. Also, the size of the auditorium made the performance seem more personal. The theatre is relatively small compared to others that I have been too, and on top of that, the audience did not fill the stands. Finally, place plays a tremendous role in the "good life." I believe that the environment in which you are raised plays a huge role in how you develop as a person, and it can either lead to increased or decreased opportunities throughout one's life.

The Social Experience

I attended the performance with two of my friends. Attending with my friends definitely enhanced my experience at the play. I honestly do not think that I would have been able to have an enjoyable experience at the play if I had not gone with my friends. Furthermore, it was fun to go with my friends because we could discuss the play itself and we all felt a certain connection to the performance. We had different opinions on the overall quality of the performance itself. One of my friends, thought that the play was fantastic and he thoroughly enjoyed it. My other friend, who shares my opinion, thought that the play was impressive but very boring and slow. Although we have differing opinions, we still connected over the performance. We realized that our own paths to achieve our own "good life" are individually different, yet our paths have crossed. Also, it was interesting to attend the performance with strangers too because I could see the different reactions of individuals throughout the course of the play. In preparation for the performance, I showered and got dressed in relatively nice clothes. I wore attire similar to the attire that I wore when I attended a theatre in London this past summer. My friends dressed in a similar fashion. Finally, this shared experience definitely made us come closer as friends. We feel like we all can do great things in our lives, and this made us want to support each other's individual paths to attaining the "good life."

The Cultural & Intellectual Experience

Watching this play definitely increased by overall awareness of my cultural. I felt like the performance was an intellectually stimulating experience, and I was definitely impressed while watching it. One of the central issues in the play was the difference between living a lavish lifestyle and being in poverty. The setting of the play was in the early 1900s, where there were obvious disparities between the lifestyle of the rich and the poor. At this time, the rich were really rich and the poor were really poor. Before watching the performance, I had an idea about this difference because of my history classes that I have taken over the years. I feel like this performance illustrated this concept perfectly. I feel like the play made me recognize this concept in today's society more and I can definitely sympathize with those who suffer from this disparity. Furthermore, this is definitely still an issue present today. There are individuals out there who have significantly worse living conditions and are trapped in poverty, while there are individuals who live extremely lavish lifestyles. It can be argued that having to grow up in poverty will definitely limit the possibilities that are linked to attaining the "good life."

The emotional Experience

The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt gives us a unique opportunity to see real-life social problems displayed right in front of our eyes. Furthermore, it is impressive that today's problems are related back to a drastically different setting. Also, it does indeed provide a great opportunity for katharsis. Before the play, I definitely recognized to societal issues that we face that were represented in the play, but I did not sympathize with them in any way. However, the play did provide an eye opening experience and I was able to fully recognize how I felt about this issue. After the play, I can definitely sympathize with the issue at hand. Poverty is certainly a pressing social issue that needs to be addressed. Also, the play addresses the concept of unity, as a wealthy man and poor man come together as acquaintances. The political landscape in today's society is certainly turbulent, as individuals have extremely contrasting viewpoints. This has led to violent protests and extreme disagreements. I think that this play displays the importance of unity, which can be applied to today's society. The play made me recognize the utter importance of unity in a country and it has made me stand for it.

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