When I went boogie Boarding By:Lauren J.

It was almost my turn to go boogie boarding. I was sure that I would get hurt and that water would go up my nose. Then the instructor told me it was my turn, so I stepped into the pit were all the water went. The instructor was asking “have you ever boogie boarded before?”. I shook my head “no”.Then he told me all the rules and how to do it. He also told me that I just had to jump in. I then went to the edge of the pit were all the water was pushing back on me because the jets at the bottom shoots the water up the padded floor and ends up in the pit.

I then jumped in the air and landed on the pad. It didn’t hurt because it was squishy and made out of rubber. I heard the crowd and my mom and dad cheering me on. I was so nervous still.

I was hanging on to the board so tight my hands hurt. Also I kept thinking that I was flying back and about to get in the pit so I was getting scared.

So far I haven’t fallen off the boogie board and go flying back in the pit yet and I actually was doing pretty good! After a little while I thought “wow this doesn't hurt at all, except for the little amounts of water sneaking into my nose”.

I realized that the people before me were going on their knees, so I decided that I would try it. I was lifting my body up not knowing exactly how to do it, then I did a face plant and landed on the board.

I then felt my hands touch the board so I grabbed on as quick as I could and wrapped my hands around the board and I straighten out the rest of my body so I could get balanced back on the board. After I caught my breath, I tried to get back on my knees again so I did the same thing, One knee on the board and the other one following. That was when I realised that I was on my knees.

I was only on my knees for about 5 seconds and then i fell off the board and went flying back into the pit. When I got out I was shivering cold from the ocean wind on the cruise boat. I knew that later I would want to try surfing on the other side of the boat.

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