The story of Fatima

The person that I interviewed was my mom . My moms name is Fatima Rosario Lopez . She is from Managua Nicaragua . I chose to interview my mom because I feel that she has been through a lot and she would have a better reasoning for the questions that I would ask her . Also because she would give her reasons very detailed . She also would tell me why she moved to Los Angeles .

An obstacle that my mom had to overcome was to raise my brother because he wouldn’t listen to her at all , he would always be getting in trouble and she didn’t know what to do . She would try everything but nothing would work . He was in highschool at the time , he would always want to be around his “ homies “ and his “ girls “ . He would be ditching school and wouldn’t care about his grades . So my mom got tired of telling him what's best for him but he didn’t listen to her . So one day she decided to let him do whatever and she hoped that he regrets what he was doing . Also because she had to live in poverty . She would go to look for a job after she had my brother so she can have money to support him .

An accomplishment that my mom has achieved was to come to Los Angeles . Also to be a great mother / father . Another accomplishment that she achieved was to find a job here in South Central Los Angeles . She thought that she wouldn’t find a good job but she did . She picked a job that she doesn’t like but she needed money to support herself and my grandma at that moment also my brother . Even though she didn't finish highschool she went out to look for a job instead of just staying home . My mom taught me and my brother to never give up .

My mom is a positive influence in my life because she would always be there for me and always give me good advice . She tells me what is good for me . Also she tells me to follow my dreams . She gives me lectures so I won’t end up like my brother and how he messed up in high school . Also because she is such a good person . Though all the stuff that she has been through I still look up to her . I look up to her because she has been a really good person to me . Even though she would want to give up she manages to keep on going .

What I learned from interviewing my mom was that she came here to look for a job and to support her family . Also to not give up on your dream . She told me that even if you don’t feel like you are accomplishing your dream just be proud of what you have or what you are following because in a blink of an eye that opportunity can start to fade away . When she was little she wanted to become a nurse . But since she didn't have the opportunity to finish high school she works in a food service .


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