Trust or Not? Tips & Info on e-mail and websites rebliabilty By: Emily and SuBin


Ways to decide whether the email is a phishing email or not.

1: Make sure the e-mail is only addressed to you. If the e-mail has a generic greeting, it could be fake!

Generic greeting

2: Check if there is a link in email or attachment. If there is a link in email or attachment, it could be a fake email.

3: Be careful of emails that have a sense of urgency. Some of the emails say that you need to go to a specific link in 24 hours, or it tells that they are very urgent.

4: Check if there are spelling errors.

5: Check if email says your account is in trouble.

6: Be careful of emails that are too good to be true. There are some emails say really things that could tempt you, like getting $100,000,000, this could lead you to clicking the website linked to the e-mail. However, by clicking the website, your money could be extracted, and your personal information could leak.

7: Like the image below, some fake e-mails ask you to verify account information.

Need to verify account


First, look at the information. Look over the information that is in the website, and double-check if it is right. Sometimes, the wording could change, and could make you think the thing is real. For example, there are websites that have information like a tree octopus, or Dihydrogen Monoxide. These websites have information, that looks like its real, but there are actually no tree octopuses, and dihydrogen monoxide is just water.

Secondly, check if the website is up to date, or if the website looks modern, and new. Generally, the websites that are fake are not really up to date, and look old. These websites, you need to be careful, and check over the website, before you really trust the website.

Third, some websites have a lot of commercials like also look out of date. The quality of most of the fake websites are not good. So, check the commercials on the website! is an example of a fake website. If you go in the website, you could see that the website is not pretty, and doesn’t look up to date. Even though there are many websites that are linked to this website, some of the websites doesn’t work, and the word dihydrogen monoxide is just H2O, or also known as water. Similar to this website, many other websites make the topic look real, and dangerous, but actually it is not.


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