SNNC 2020 Project Group Recruitment Booklet

The Students’ Nobel NightCap (SNNC) is the afterparty to the Nobel Banquet, it’s an opportunity for Nobel Laureates and other guests to the Nobel Banquet to experience something extraordinary. Every year, the SNNC takes in over 1500 guests and leads them through a night of sheer extravaganza. The SNNC was started first in 1978 but the first year, no Nobel Laureates showed up, but it was a success, the guests loved it, and the following year, five Nobel Laureates came to the second Nobel NightCap in 1979.

The NightCap has drastically changed since. More people help organize it now than those that attended the first NightCap. We rotate between the four biggest schools and student unions in Stockholm: SASSE at Stockholm School of Economics, MF at Karolinska, SUS at Stockholm University and THS at KTH. Now, it has finally come back to THS at KTH. However, all students active in Stockholm are more than welcome to join us!

If you have any questions about a position, e-mail the head of that project group. With questions about the recruitment process, please contact recruitment@snnc.se. We accept applications in both Swedish and English. We look forward to receiving your application!

Deadline for applications is the 5th of April.


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