Temperate Deciduous Forest East Coast, USA

Climate of North Carolina Forests

Rainfall: 30 inches minimum - 45 inches average - 60 inches maximum.

Temperature: 0 degrees F minimum - 50 degrees F average - 90 degrees F maximum.

Temperate Deciduous Forests are usually very wet in general. They have 4 distinct seasons. The winters are cold, the springs are wet, the summers are warm, and the fall is moderate.

East Coast USA Climatogram

Net Primary Productivity

Temperate deciduous forests have the fourth highest net primary productivity and approximate kilocalories per square meter per day. It also has a high amount of rain each year, which means that the growing season (without frost) is over 120 days. This biome also covers 22% of Earth's land surface. This biome is usually found 30-40 degrees North.

Soil Quality

Temperate deciduous forests typically have very fertile soil. The high amount of decomposing leaves provide nutrients for the soil. Due to the fertile soil, these forests are used mostly for farming.

Invasive and Endangered

Invasive: Asian Gypsy Moth

The Asian Gypsy Moth was brought to the US by accident. They were brought on cargo ships from Japan and Russia. The moths feed on many of the native species of plants.

Endangered: Wood Stork

The Wood Stork became endangered due to loss of habitat cause by humans (H in HIPPCO). Levees constructed by people lower the size of the marshes that Wood Storks live in.


Black Bear

Black Bears have a thick fur coat to keep them warm during the cold winters.


Beavers have webbed feet to help them swim.


Skunks have glands under their tails that spray a toxic musk at predators, to keep them away.


Eastern Red Cedar

Eastern Red Cedar trees develop berries for wildlife to eat. Then the wildlife spread the seeds in their droppings.

White Oak Tree

The White Oak Tree has a very deep root system, which allows it to find water easier.

American Hazelnut Shrub

The American Hazelnut has a sturdy structure, which allows it to survive in all seasons.

Temperate Deciduous Forests are unique because deciduous means the shedding of leaves. The trees in this biome typically lose their leaves during the winter.

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