Spring Break 2K17 heather's birthday, galveston, and the Rodeo

Spring Break 2K17 for me consisted of being sick the whole break, spending 4 days at Moody Gardens in Galveston for my sister's birthday, going to the outlets, and going to the Rodeo.

One of my sister's favorite places is galveston island, she asked to go for her birthday, so we went to try to make her day special.

The picture on the left is me and my sister looking over the water at rainforest cafe on the night of her tenth birthday. The picture on the right is me and my best friend Genesis at the Rodeo

We spent the next four days down in galveston doing various fun things on the island. On our way back to houston we stopped at the texas city outlets and did a little shopping.

After we came back we just sat around and just had a few lazy days to recover from galveston, it was very nice to sleep. then once friday came i went and picked up best friend Genesis, and we went to the Rodeo.

After this i just spent the rest of the break trying to recoup before school started back up.

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