Windsor SDA newsletter for 25 September 2021

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Welcome to the bulletin for this week. In this bulletin:

  • ADRA Blacktown needs your help
  • Introduction to this week's lesson: The Ultimate Rest
  • Preaching this week: Daren King
  • Offering this week: Local
  • New President for Greater Sydney Conference
  • Covid Restrictions - the Church continues to be CLOSED and all programs are run on Zoom

ADRA Blacktown needs your help

ADRA is in need of your help once again not with food this time (although food will still be greatly appreciated) but with your time as a volunteer. ADRA has recently lost a few volunteers and we are sooo busy during COVID in distributing food that we need the extra help. If you are interested please contact either Stella or the ADRA Blacktown manager Grace.

New Greater Sydney Conference President

By Joyce Taylor/Record staff -September 23, 20210582

Pastor Alban Matohiti, his wife Maria and their children Sienna, Emmanuel and Liviyah.

Pastor Alban Matohiti has been called to serve as the new president of Greater Sydney Conference.

The role became vacant after Pastor Terry Johnson was appointed president of the Australian Union Conference (AUC).

Pastor Matohiti has been in ministry for 22 years, pastored at Wahroonga church for 12 years and most recently served as GSC ministerial secretary. He is “humbled by the enormity of the task” ahead of him.

“It is a very challenging responsibility and somewhat at times one cannot help to feel not worthy of the call,” he said.

“But part of being called to be in pastoral ministry is to serve in these areas. Please keep us in your prayers.”

He and his wife, Maria, have three young children: Sienna, Emmanuel and Liviyah.

Pastor Terry Johnson served as GSC president from 2017 until August 2021, when he accepted the call to become AUC president.

“I’m excited by the appointment of Pastor Alban, Maria and their family for the role of president of the wonderful Greater Sydney Conference,” he said.

“I’ve been privileged to experience his wisdom in a variety of circumstances and have no doubt that he is ably gifted by the Holy Spirit to lead God’s people. His pastoral heart and passion for people is evident and the vision he will communicate in time will be powerful. We pray that the Lord will bless Pastor Alban with wisdom and discernment as he becomes even more of a servant as Matthew 20:25-28 details.”

Pastor Matohiti is originally from Albania, where he was the first native Albanian to be ordained as a pastor. He worked as a church planter, pastor and president of the Albanian Mission and earned a bachelor’s degree in theological studies at Newbold College. He is currently working on a master’s degree in leadership and management.

Leading a large and diverse conference like Sydney is not an easy task, but Pastor Matohiti has confidence that he’s up to the challenge, knowing God is with him. He asks others in the Greater Sydney Conference to join him in asking for divine leadership. “It is my desire and genuine prayer that in every decision and battle we face as a Conference that we seek His will first and that God goes before us.”

25 September 2021 at Windsor Church

This week at Windsor Church:
  1. Prayer time between 8am and 8.30am via Zoom
  2. Starting at 8.45am Pre-Program this week: An End Time Warning of Hope!
  3. Bible Study Discussion: We are following the study program found at ssnet.org
  4. Main program: starting around 11am which includes announcements, songs, children's story and church service.

Livestream and Zoom Links

You can join us in two ways: Livestream and Zoom. Livestream through YouTube can be joined by following the link to the Church's YouTube page or through our internet page. Please make sure you subscribe to our Windsor YouTube channel and like the videos that speak to you. The quick link to get to our YouTube channel is by entering the following address into your browser: YouTube.com/windsorsdachurch

Connecting through Zoom allows you to participate in our panel discussion. Please remember any contributions are recorded and live streamed. Keep yourself muted and just press the space bar when you are talking to the wider group. This minimises interferences from background noise.

Meeting ID: 719 626 778, Password: 005908

Bible Study Program

  • 8.00am Prayer to start the day
  • 8.45am - Pre-Program commences
  • An End Time Warning of Hope!
  • Temple Made of Time - Fountainview Academy
  • 9.30am - Program commences
  • Welcome to Windsor Church: Nelson
  • Song: Cornerstone
  • Prayer: Rene
  • Mission News
  • Offering: Mission
  • Song: I Lift Your Name On High
  • Bible Study Panel: Rene, Ken, Wayne and Nelson

Offering through egiving.org.au

Service Program

  • 11:05am - Program Commences
  • Welcome: Rene
  • Offering: Local
  • Song: Bless the Lord
  • Prayer: Nelson
  • Children’s Story
  • Song: I Give My Heart To You
  • Sermon: Daren
  • Song: The Lion and the Lamb
  • Benediction: Daren
  • Music
  • Zooming over Lunch: Stay Online to Share and Say You Care


Bible Study

Here is the zoom link on how to study the Bible with Chris on Monday night at 7pm.


Prayer Ministry

Please forward any prayer requests to: PrayerWindsorSDAChurch@gmail.com or SMS any prayer requests to 0421905662

Ladies Prayer Meeting

Every monday night except school holidays at 7pm. Please contact Kellie if you need the log in details.

Time: 7pm on Zoom

Mid-week Bible study

This coming Wednesday evening at 7.30pm on Zoom

All are welcome to attend Wednesday night for a 1 hour Bible study on Zoom. OR enter "Zoom.us" into your browser, click on join meeting and enter the following details: Meeting ID: 814 1200 6312 Passcode: 651224