Windsor SDA newsletter 3 July 2021

Welcome to the Windsor Seventh-day Adventist Church e-News


Welcome to the bulletin for this week. In this bulletin:

  • New Covid Restrictions - the Church is CLOSED
  • Introduction to this week's lesson: Rest In Christ
  • Church program for 3 July 2021 including links to the lesson, livestream and Zoom.
  • Offering this week: Hurstville Scholarships
  • Every Word
  • Note the changed announcements due to COVID


The Church is closed tomorrow. Only those directly participating in the service are allowed to enter the church. You will be able to participate from home.

3 July 2021 at Windsor Church

This week at Windsor Church:
  1. Prayer time between 8am and 8.30am via Zoom
  2. Starting at 9.15am Pre-Program this week: Music
  3. Bible Study Discussion: We are following the study program found at ssnet.org concluded by a Record Wrap and music.
  4. Main program: starting around 11am which includes announcements, songs, children's story and church service.

Livestream and Zoom Links

You can join us in two ways: Livestream and Zoom. Livestream through YouTube can be joined by following the link to the Church's YouTube page or through our internet page. Please make sure you subscribe to our Windsor YouTube channel and like the videos that speak to you. The quick link to get to our YouTube channel is by entering the following address into your browser: YouTube.com/windsorsdachurch

Connecting through Zoom allows you to participate in our panel discussion. Please remember any contributions are recorded and live streamed. Keep yourself muted and just press the space bar when you are talking to the wider group. This minimises interferences from background noise.

Meeting ID: 719 626 778, Password: 005908

Bible Study Program

  • 8.00am Prayer to start the day
  • 9.15am - Pre-Program commences
  • Music
  • 9.30am - Program commences
  • Welcome to Windsor Church: Nelson
  • Song: Wonderful Words of Life
  • Prayer: Daren
  • Mission News
  • Song: Holy, Holy, Holy
  • Bible Study Panel: Daren, Nelson, Jomo and Stephen
  • Record Wrap
  • Music

Offering through egiving.org.au

Service Program

  • 11:00am - Program Commences
  • Welcome: Jomo
  • Song: Ancient Words
  • Prayer: Nelson
  • Song: The Saviour is Waiting
  • Sermon: Chris
  • Song: Power in the Blood
  • Benediction: Chris
  • Music:

God asks a searching question.

“Whose will those things be which you have provided?” - Luke 12:20 NKJV

Australian Record

Adventist Record is the official news and lifestyle magazine for the South Pacific Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Providing roughly 24,000 copies to Seventh-day Adventist church members in Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands, Adventist Record was established in 1898. Of course you can find it online as well here.


Adventurer Program

The next Adventurer program on 3 July 2021 has been cancelled.

Community Hub Day

Depending on the COVID Situation may need to be postponed from Sunday 11 July 2021.

Prayer Ministry

Please forward any prayer requests to: PrayerWindsorSDAChurch@gmail.com or SMS any prayer requests to 0421905662

Ladies Prayer Meeting

Every monday night except school holidays at 7pm. Please contact Kellie if you need the log in details.

Time: 7pm on Zoom

Mid-week Bible study

This coming Wednesday evening at 7.30pm on Zoom

All are welcome to attend Wednesday night for a 1 hour Bible study on Zoom. OR enter "Zoom.us" into your browser, click on join meeting and enter the following details: Meeting ID: 814 1200 6312 Passcode: 651224