Windsor SDA newsletter 22 october 2020

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In this bulletin:

  • Business Meeting Outcomes
  • Streaming before Sabbath program: The Bible Prophecy That Explains 2020 by Cami Oetman
  • Church program for 17 October 2020 including links to the lesson, livestream and Zoom
  • We welcome Daren King to lead our panel and Narko Tutuo to take our service
  • Offering this week: Local Church
  • Australian Record

Extraordinary Business Meeting Outcomes

At our last Business Meeting we agreed to set up a special account to support the community programs, including the Care Bags and Shop & Share program. The Shop and Share Program will allow you to undertake your normal online purchases and about 2% of the purchase value will come back to the church.

We also agreed to work towards opening the church on 7 November 2020 onwards including children's Sabbath School. The Church has a comprehensive COVID-19 Safety Plan in place and registered as COVID safe. We have implemented mandatory registrations, signposted social distancing requirements and hygiene measures. There will be a number of measures to keep you safe if you choose to attend church face to face. These include:

  • The building is thoroughly sanitised before and after use, sanitiser and wipes are provided for your protection.
  • Sanitise your hands upon arrival.
  • Seats are managed through an online booking system.
  • You will bring a face mask and wear it.
  • Keep a distance of 1.5 metre to anyone not from your household.
  • You need to declare you haven't been exposed to a known case of COVID-19, been to a cluster in the last 14 days, and are feeling well.
  • Provide your name, contact phone number and email address on the manual or app mandatory registration system. These records have to be kept for one month.

You are requested to remain away from church if you are not feeling well, have been to a COVID cluster or may have been exposed to a confirmed case of COVID-19. Zoom and Livestream of the program will continue into 2021.

24 October at Windsor Church

We invite you to join us on Saturday 24 October for our church program. The program is in three parts:

  1. Prayer time between 8am and 8.30am via Zoom
  2. Bible Study Discussion: The program starts at 9.30am and we are following the study program found at ssnet.org concluded by a mission video from around the world. The lesson this week is "The Eyes of the Lord: The Biblical Worldview"
  3. Main program: starting around 11am which includes announcements, songs, and Dr Narko Tutuo is taking our Service.

You can join us in two ways: Livestream and Zoom. Livestream through YouTube can be joined by following the link to the Church's YouTube page or through our internet page. Please make sure you subscribe to our Windsor YouTube channel and like the videos that speak to you. The quick link to get to our YouTube channel is by entering the following address into your browser: YouTube.com/windsorsdachurch

Connecting through Zoom allows you to participate in our panel discussion. Please remember any contributions are recorded and live streamed. Keep yourself muted and just press the space bar when you are talking to the wider group. This minimises interferences from background noise.

Meeting ID: 719 626 778, Password: 005908

Bible Study Program

  • 8.00am Prayer to start the day
  • 9.15am
  • Song: Ancient Words
  • Song: Way Maker Korean Romanisation
  • Song: Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing
  • 9.30am - Program commences
  • Welcome: Brad (Zoom)
  • Song: There is a Redeemer
  • Prayer: Daren
  • Fear Not - Terry Johnson
  • Bible Study Panel: Daren, Brett, Wayne and Ken
  • Mission Video
  • Song: I want Jesus to Walk with Me
  • Adventist Record Wrap

Service Program

  • 11:00am - Program Commences
  • Welcome and Announcements: Brad (Zoom)
  • Offering: Local
  • Song: Be The Centre
  • Prayer: Daren
  • Children's Story: The Story of Esther - Part 3
  • Sermon: Dr Narko Tutuo
  • Song: Broken Vessels
  • Benediction: Dr Narko Tutuo
  • Song: Go Light the World

Offering: Local Church

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart,” says Solomon, “and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths” (Prov. 3:5, 6).

How did you first learn about tithes and offerings? Perhaps it was through Sabbath school or you served as a junior deacon and were able to assist taking up the collection in the worship service? Maybe you saw your parents generosity and modelled your life in the same way?

Ellen G. White suggests that parents and teachers should make the handling of money something practical very early in children’s lives; children should learn through practice how to rightly use money.

Modelling good stewardship, if “rightly directed will encourage habits of benevolence” and “will aid the youth in learning to give, not from the mere impulse of the moment, as their feelings are stirred, but regularly, and systematically” as God is giving to them.

Actually, the returning of tithe and the giving of offerings is an important exercise that connects children and young people to God every time they receive something from Him. God is then remembered by them as the Source of every blessing. Are we modelling to our children how to handle money in a practical way? Are we modelling to them the blessing of a simple life in order to save and then provide for the needy? Are they being educated to put God first, by returning His tithe and their offering, before any other expense may be met? Children are a Godgiven treasure loaned to parents in trust. The Lord requires parents to teach them how to trust in Him and connect with Him, including in their financial life.

Prayer: Lord, help us to trust in You, as the Provider and Maintainer of life, and teach our children to experience it themselves as well! Amen.

Here is a video explaining how to use the e-giving app:

Community Hub Day last Sunday

Thank you for all those that cam to help. Many hands make light work. I know those who received help are being richly blessed. Pray for each of them.


Click above to get information on how to use the e-Giving website.

Australian Record

Adventist Record is the official news and lifestyle magazine for the South Pacific Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Providing roughly 24,000 copies to Seventh-day Adventist church members in Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands, Adventist Record was established in 1898. Of course you can find it online as well here.


Prayer Ministry

Please forward any prayer requests to: PrayerWindsorSDAChurch@gmail.com or SMS any prayer requests to 0421905662

Ladies Prayer Meeting

Every monday night except school holidays at 7pm. Please contact Kellie if you need the log in details.

Time: 7pm on Zoom

Mid-week Bible study

Returns this coming Wednesday evening. This week we are up to John 12:37 onwards. Have a look at these verses before the meeting and we will dive deeper into this passage.

Time: 7.30pm on Zoom

All are welcome to attend Wednesday night for a 1 hour Bible study on Zoom. OR enter Zoom.us into your browser, click on join meeting and enter the following details: Meeting ID: 814 1200 6312 Passcode: 651224

Meeting ID: 814 1200 6312, Password: 651224