"Offering a powerful narrative of overcoming adversity, Nina Turner is a captivating orator who puts political and social trends into an unparalleled perspective".


She is committed to advocating for progressive ideals and values, a vocation she views as bigger than political affiliation. Most recently a national surrogate for Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) during the turbulent 2016 Democratic presidential primaries, Nina Turner is an insightful advocate and agent for social change. Today, she serves as president of Our Revolution, an organization that Sanders created to revitalize American democracy, empower progressive leaders and elevate political consciousness.

When she served in the Ohio Senate, Turner was known as a fierce advocate, garnering recognition and praise from elected leaders across the political spectrum. She maintained an uncanny ability to both unify opposing viewpoints and challenge political leaders to live up to their highest selves. Her political experience as an elected member of the Cleveland City Council and a strategic leader of the Ohio Democratic Party afford her a unique understanding of government processes and how to overcome partisan perspectives.

Outside of the political arena, Turner has decades of experience as a college professor and motivational speaker. She routinely travels across the country to inspire action and instill hope in crowds of more than 20,000. A champion for progressive causes such as labor, women’s reproductive health, voting rights and the eradication of wealth and income inequality, Turner forms deep connections with people from all walks of life.

It is for these reasons, and many more, that she was tapped to serve as the Democratic nominee for Ohio’s Secretary of State race in 2014. Turner is recognized as a voice of truth, even when speaking the truth is unpopular. In 2011, The Nation magazine named her “Most Valuable State Senator,” and in 2014 The Root listed her as one of the top 100 most influential African-Americans in the U.S. Cleveland’s Inside Business Magazine recognized her in 2015 as one of the top 25 most powerful people in Northeast Ohio, and by PoliticoPlaybook Power List 18 to watch in 2018.

In addition to her leadership at Our Revolution, Turner also serves as a founding fellow of the Sanders Institute, a group of leaders dedicated to transforming American democracy through the research, education, outreach and advancement of bold, progressive ideas and values. She has appeared on numerous national television and radio shows, such as “Meet The Press,” “The Bill Maher Show,” Comedy Central’s “The President’s Show,” “Democracy Now,” the “Rickey Smiley Morning Show,” “The Breakfast Club,” “The Bill Press Show” and the “Thom Hartmann Radio” Turner is also a political commentator on CNN, appearing frequently on “The State of the Union with Jake Tapper” and “CNN Tonight with Don Lemon.”


"Nina is one of the most powerful and courageous voices in the progressive movement. When you hear her speak, you hear the heart of a person who understands the struggles of marginalized people. You also hear someone who has an eye towards the future of a country where all people are included and are able to fulfill our country's highest possibilities. To me, Nina represents the best and the brightest of what this city has produced at this current moment."~Rev. Dr. Jawanza K. Colvin - Olivet Institutional Baptist Church, Cleveland, OH


"All you need in this life to succeed are the Wishbone, Jawbone and Backbone".~Grandma




Ohio Gov John Kasich in OH State House, with State Senator Nina Turner


Often praised for her passion, Nina Turner’s oratory is a force to be reckoned with. Her words inspire action and her tenor invokes emotion. For a variety of settings, Nina can inject energy into any crowd.
"We Were Not Even Good Enough To Stand On Their Stairs."~Nina Turner
“Chosen as one of PoliticoPlaybook Power List 18 to Watch in 2018”

The former Ohio state senator says Our Revolution wants to boost the progressive populist movement that Sanders spearheaded and wrest control of the political system from “the elites” and “restore the power to the grass roots.”

Highly Sought After Voice In National Political News

“Articulate, engaging and perceptive, Nina Turner offers a prescient vision of the future and inspires us to advance our own humanity.”~RoaseAnn DeMoro, Exec Dir. of National Nurses United

Nina Turner brings a fresh perspective to national current events. An experienced political analyst, Turner’s background and positions in elected office provide a unique combination that inspires and enlightens diverse audiences. From national network news to local radio shows, her voice is unmistakable for its passion and deep understanding of how the political is always personal.

Turner has been featured on dozens of media outlets over the past five years, reaching over 100 independent television appearances in that short time. Audiences have come to appreciate her candid assessments of complex political circumstances, as well as her commitment to speaking truth to power. Turner’s charm, wit & intelligence makes her an ideal choice to any political discussion.

#I'm With Nina

“While many Washington representatives disappointed in 2011, state legislators stepped up as champions for labor rights, the public sector and economic justice. Turner wasn’t the only smart, passionate legislator to take the national stage, but the breadth of her agenda stood out. As she was standing up for workers’ rights, Turner was also taking the lead on an array of economic development, voting rights and social justice issues.”~The Nation Magazine


“Turner is perhaps one of Sanders’s best-known surrogates. She’s a former Ohio State Senator who has made her name advocating for voting rights.” ~The Washington Post



The Struggle for Justice & Equality, Never Ends!

Wherever the path leads me...~Nina Turner

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