SheisStrong From fear to freedom

Healing looks different for everyone. My journey to wholeness includes athletic fitness // yours may not. What I want to celebrate and encourage is healing from a broken perspective on your worth and value. Let go of shame // pursue freedom because you are worth it and you CAN be healed 100%+

From 130lbs at 5'8" (w no muscle) to 160lbs (with muscle, endurance and health)

I sacrificed my health and happiness to be skinny. Focusing on being healthy and strong helped me while I healed from disordered eating. Find positive goals to strive for, don't focus on what you think are failures. You will always move toward the things your eyes are focused on // whether those things lift you up or tear you down.


Beginning the journey to health wasn't always a clear thing for me // in the beginning I felt LESS like I was pursuing healing and MORE like I was just trying to not mess up every hour/day/week.

Be honest with yourself and others // surround yourself with people who can help keep you accountable, who can inspire and encourage you.

Find joy in the process. If you want to eat healthier, begin with manageable changes. If you want to get physically fitter and stronger, pursue strength. It's okay if you find yourself back at "day 1" a million times. One day you'll look back and not remember your last mess-up/meltdown. Healing takes time • especially when we have constant messages flying at us that say 'we are not enough.'


Whenever you fail, achknowledge that you tried for something. Then you'll be encouraged to try again, instead of giving attention to shame and disappointment.

Set big goals for yourself // then be consistent. Most days at Crossfit I feel like I'm not getting any better. I miss hitting numbers I thought I would surely get. I feel weak a lot of days. But I know that if I go into the gym every day and bring it, that over time I am getting stronger and passing goals I never thought I would achieve.

Mix it up // I love Crossfit, but last year I set a goal to run several Spartan Races and so my training differed. Now I'm getting into boxing and I love training in different ways.
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