The Millennial's Guide to Business Travel Lessons for the Next Generation of Road Warriors

Business travel is something you have to really want to do. While it's fun and exciting to take that business trip once a year to Chicago in the summer or Florida in the winter, you're called a road warrior for a reason.
Yet, there's something magical about crossing the Rocky Mountains of Colorado in the dead of winter...
landing at Newark in the Spring with the beautiful skyline of New York City on the horizon...
Or working in an office so remote, you're surrounded by the beautiful colors of fall.
...and while dinners can be in five star restaurants, more times than not, you're dining on fast food at 11pm because that's the only option.
Traveling for business is something that both excites you, and more importantly, something you want to do. Whether it's for the adventure, the cultural experience, the career, or the money, business travel is both an art and a science.
This guide will help you be efficient, travel smart, and out think your competition.
The Passion of Travel (tm)
Michael Puldy has a passion for travel and has flown close to 3 million air miles. He has visited over 40 countries and all United States. Learn the ropes of business travel from a seasoned road warrior, and read crazy travel stories from Michael and a few of his friends.
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