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Learning Tool Prototype

My team had originally planned on making a doll for our learning tool, but because of the processes used to develop our prototype it made more sense to make a game board. We had to delegate tasks based on people's skill sets and aptitudes. Using the laser engraver was a unique experience as well as using the entire infinity lab.

Straw Tower

Being told to make the tallest tower you can with only "what's in the bag" when that entails drinking straws, paper clips and a roll of tape is a challenge on its own. When one team member can't talk, one can't touch, and there is a time limit you really have to think in order to win. By using the roll of tape as a heavy base our team was able to make the tallest tower, but like the Eiffel Tower in Paris it was only designed to be on display for a short while, and we did not get a picture.

People don't buy what you do they buy why you do it. Simon Sinek explains why the Wright brothers were the right brothers, why Apple has a cult following and why Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. led the civil rights movement in this legendary Ted talk. Because people don't buy what you do they buy why you do it. His presentation is powerful, passionate, tied to the past present and future, and extremely relevant to innovators.

Liz Lermam

Dancing, leading and being led around the gym may seem silly, but it was a very revealing experience. Mindset can help or it can hinder, and it's all up to you. Those who were open to the experience had a good time and were more likely to take away the lessons to be learned from these activities. Those who approached this with closed minds, however, did not enjoy this experience, and almost certainly did not take away the underlying messages.

Write About An Adventure

...Pelican cases clicked shut as they were closed around their sensitive camera equipment, duffel bags zipped up and compression straps cinched down tight around the clothes inside, boots were laced, backpacks donned. The flight had been uneventful, how a good one should be. The walk down the steps of the plane to the Defender pulled to the side of the dirt tract was not long, but it was enough to realize that the jungle humidity did not compare even to Florida's muggiest days. The off-white vehicle got its occupants to the ferry, where everyone got a break from the bouncing of thirty-odd year old suspension, before they finished the drive to the hostile. Boonie hats with mosquito netting were the first things pulled from backpacks as the sun would soon set and the only thing you would be able to hear over the constant buzz of hundreds of thousands of insects are the howler monkeys. The excitement of the day's travels and that which was to come was tiring enough that they ignored the bugs, periodic screeching, even the sound of the little bat family in the ceiling of the open air house, for a good night's sleep. As the sun's first rays poked through the wooden slat doors it woke the occupants to a surreal sight; the only thing between the back of the house and the ocean was a hundred or so yards of coconut palms and they were framing the sunrise magnificently. Smelling chorizo and eggs they rose and dressed and headed to the kitchen. The woman who was hired to cook and clean during their stay had collected the eggs that very morning and was now busy cooking one of the freshest breakfasts possible. Raw milk and fresh orange juice were served alongside fresh fruits picked on the property. Calls were made for a boat charter to take them to the point tomorrow, leaving today to simply acclimate to their new environment. Hammocks hung in the palm grove were soon occupied as the broad palm leaves offered protection from the climbing sun, and the neighbor's three bulls soon had the same idea. The biggest was a beautiful white, if he were cleaned, followed by a black one and a reddish brown one, slightly darker than the clay slung by the tires onto the sides of the truck. They were welcome guests, docile and seemingly used to people. The rest of the day was relaxing and exciting as the beach and the surrounding area were explored. That night after dinner a multi deck game of uno broke out and carried on until at least two in the morning...

Writing about an adventure for the thirty day challenge required my to draw on knowledge from many different subjects and synthesise everything into a story. Drawing on real world experience, tales told by others, background knowledge and areas of knowledge ranging from psychology to mechanical engeenering I am able to craft something capable of taking the reader to a different time and place.

Creative Person Resume

Researching and documenting a resume for a creative person like Winston Churchill gives new perspective into the lives of sucscessful and inmovative people. Being able to learn from other people's triumphs and failures is one of the most efficient ways to improve yourself.

Empathy Journal

Keeping an empathy journal made me notice more about my environment and the struggles other people may have in it. Looking at the world through our own eyes tends to make us ignore things that don't affect us directly, so it is important to see how other people see the world, to diversify our own.


By creating Tesselations in class we worked on both forming and recognizing patterns. We formed the patterns when we transformed our shapes, and we recognized patterns when we looked for images that could be within our patterns. Mine looks like the front of a sailboat back to the mast and keel.

Creativity Over A Lifetime

When asked to graph a persons creativity over there lifetime I took a very logical approach. The more a person learns, the more information they have to be creative with, whether it be raw data or thinking tools, so the graph slopes upwards with an increasing slope approaches an asymptote.

Pattern Photography

Finding patterns in nature that we had identified on an artificial object helped to relate the two worlds. The texture and color of blue masking tape looks similar to the texture and color of calm water. This activity increases awareness and helps to draw connections.

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