Tuesday, august 24, 2021


To the first annual TE[A+]CH Symposium

After a school year that has seen teachers thrown into a world of blended/hybrid/distance learning, many were left with the struggles of trying to survive in a synchronous and/or asynchronous virtual learning environment which had many educators becoming familiar with technology as they were using it with their students.

As teachers start to think about how to tackle the 2021/22 school year, one thing is for sure: technology will still be part of the learning landscape.

The idea of the TE[A+]CH Symposium is to share some of the tools that have made an impact on us in our teaching and hopefully help others explore some new platforms, approaches and thinking. Ultimately, we just want to share all the things that we think are really cool with all of you.



Trevor Terry - Education Support Teacher - Anglophone East School District


Celine Gallien - Education Support Teacher Anglophone East School District

Literacy Beyond the classroom

Dominic Traynor

Author/Founder of LitFilmFest/Adobe Education Evangelist

8:30-9:10AM AT/7:30-8:10AM ET

Sparking Curiosity

Beth Doiron and Celine Gallien

9:10-9:50AM AT/8:10-8:50AM ET

Microsoft onenote for Education

Microsoft in Education Canada

9:10-10:30AM AT/8:10-9:30AM ET


Amy Kyle and James Davis

9:50-10:30AM AT/8:50-9:30AM ET


Ben Kelly

Anglophone East School District

10:30-11:10AM AT/9:30-10:10AM ET

Welcome to FreshGade Connect

Melissa LeBlanc

10:30-11:10AM AT/9:30-10:10AM ET

explain everything

Dr. Reshan Richards

11:10-11:50AM AT/10:10-10:50AM ET

Teach Boldly: using edtech for social good

Jennifer Williams

Educator, Speaker, Activist and Author

11:10-11:50AM AT/10:10-10:50AM ET

My Creative classroom podcast

Bryan Ouellette

Host of My Creative Classroom Podcast

11:50AM-12:30PM AT/10:50-11:30AM ET

Global Education

Dr. Linyuan Guo-Brennan

Associate Professor, University of Prince Edward Island Department of Education

11:50AM-12:30PM AT/10:50-11:30AM ET

Micro:Bits & MS MakeCode

Sarah Rankin

Anglophone South School District

1:00-1:40PM AT/12:00-12:40PM ET

Blast off to Becoming a Flipgrid Certified Educator

Jess Boyce

1:00-1:40PM AT/12:00-12:40PM ET

Inspire, Empower and Build A Community with Flipgrid

Fely Garcia Lopez

1:40-2:20PM AT/12:40-1:20PM ET

Everyone can create

Apple Education Canada Team

1:40-3:00PM AT/12:40-2:00PM ET

Math Whiteboard

Don Carney PhD


2:20-3:00PM AT/1:20-2:00PM ET

Buckle Up for the #Bestfieldtrips ever with flipgrid

Ann Kozma

3:00-3:40PM AT/2:00-2:40PM ET

Accessibility in Education- Inclusive learning tools

Microsoft in Education Canada

3:00-4:20PM AT/2:00-3:20PM ET

Punk roCk classrooms podcast

Mike Earnshaw and Josh Buckley

Co-Hosts of the Punk Rock Classrooms Podcast

3:40-4:20PM AT/2:40-3:20PM ET


Hosted by David Bakker

4:20-5:00PM AT/3:20-4:00PM ET

Unlocking Resilience

Jornea Armant

4:20-5:00PM AT/3:20-4:00PM ET

Adobe creative educator

Clara Galan

5:00-5:40PM AT/4:00-4:40PM ET

Global Community Manager on the Adobe Education k-12 and Higher Education Team

This website has been created using Adobe Spark. All of the promotional materials for the TE[A+]CH Symposium has been created using the edtech tools being showcased throughout the day.