Landet Av Den Unika Because Sameness is okay, but uniqueness is even better

Our mission Statement: We promise to welcome everyone, no matter how big, small, short, or tall, and to make life as great as possible for you, as the individual.
As you can see from our seal above, anyone is aloud to be a part of our community.

Community Rules:

  1. Everyone is allowed to be apart of this community
  2. If fights break out, anyone related in the fight will be put in solitude for as long as seems fit
  3. Any actions showing rudeness results in a reminder- 10 reminders and you get put in solitude
  4. Activities are suggested and held, but no one is permitted to go
  5. Everyone is permitted for weekly checkups for health and to ensure your way of life is going happily
  6. Everyone has the right for "safety" and everyone gets to decide what that is for themselves
  7. Children up to 10 will get schooling, and 11 up can decide if they want to continue their schooling
  8. There will be no stealing, killing, or obvious things such as these
  9. Everyone has the right to be whoever they want, as long as it does not break these rules
  10. Rules may be added

Frequently asked questions:

  • Where is it located? -The Solomon Islands
  • What type of government rules our community? - A Democracy, so that anyone has the power to make laws and be apart of the government, but we'll make you feel like a king if you want ;)
  • What is the typical day for citizens? -
  • 8am-11am- breakfast is served
  • 11am-2pm-lunch is served
  • 5pm-7pm-dinner is served
  • 9am-12pm- Children 3-10 as well as anyone who chooses to will go to school
  • 2pm-5pm- Activites such as bowling, arcade games, bingo, board games, swimming, or any other games you wish to play
  • 11pm- children 3-15 must go to bed

Landet Av Den Unika is a place where anyone can be accepted and loved for who they are. Not only will you feel amazing, but you will have education, delicious food, and a glamorous roof above your head. We'd love to have you here!

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