Mountain View News Term 2 week 8

Principal's Message

As we approach the end of Term 2 students and teachers are busy completing learning tasks and preparing for Mid Semester Reports. Due to the continuing social distancing restrictions for adults, we will be holding our Mid-Year Report Nights via Zoom and Office Teams at the beginning of Term 3.

Most of the school extra-curricular activities, including chapel, sport and day excursions, are returning to normal as the government has declared that there are now no social distance restrictions for school students. Overnight camps are still on hold. Please continue to support the good hygiene practices as there has been a spike in flu in school age children in the last few weeks.

Our school is a thriving, Christ-centred learning community and it is great to see the wide variety of projects and learning that students are involved in.

Upcoming dates:

24 June – Micah 6:8 Mufti Day

3 July – Last day Term 2

22 July – Term 3 begins P-12

21 July – 7-11 Online teacher parent interviews

3 August – K-6 Online teacher parent interviews

4 August – Prep Online teacher parent interviews

Mrs Julia Heise


Chaplain's Address

This week marked the end of online chapels for our school. As restrictions begin to ease, we are able to meet back as a larger school community for chapels next week. We have missed the atmosphere of students entering the hall, excited for what chapel would be about on that day. We have missed opening up the word of God together as a collective and each sharing what God is teaching in our lives. We have missed discovering what God's love means to us as a school family, but in everything we have missed and now grow in excitement of its soon return, we have realised how special online/in-class chapels have been.

They challenged us but in the challenge were many blessings. They allowed for families to worship together, they have allowed for grownups and students to have God conversations, they allowed for our homeroom classes to grow in community and understanding of each other, they have allowed for each student to spend time in reflection of what God's word teaches them personally and most of all they have allowed us to appreciate the moments we have in life.

Today we take a moment to reflect on what was and what will continue to be - each day is a new day to grow in relationship with the God who loves us!

"Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you" - James 4:8

Pr Hope, Pr Raul, Pr Terence

Mountain View Chaplains

A close to home thank you: Blacktown Hospital

This week I had the privilege of delivering over 100 'Thank You' letters to Blacktown Hospital. Students from Yrs 7-10 have spent the last two weeks writing notes of thanks to all our front line workers. They were received warmly and with much gratitude, a reminder that while restrictions are starting to lift many front line workers are still serving our community during this COVID 19 pandemic.

Egg Taste Test

Year 7 Agriculture has been studying the advantages and disadvantages of cage, barn and free range chicken farming. To determine if It’s worth spending extra money to buy barn or free range eggs, students compared the texture, appearance and flavour of eggs from all three farming methods. As with most other groups, these students determined that not only are free range chickens treated better but their eggs look and taste better too. They determined it was worth spending the extra money to get better tasting eggs from animals that were treated more humanely. A quality product is worth paying for.

Kindy Science

As part of our studies for Science, Kindergarten have been learning about what humans, animals and plants need to stay alive. This included building a shelter for one of our class animal toys. Students were put in groups and given a different type of building material such as playdough, paper, lego and blocks to build a shelter for their animal toy. It had to protect the animal toy from the rain and keep them warm. The students worked well in teams to design and create their shelters and were able to deliver a talk to the class about what they had created.

Mountain View Archibald Prize

Year 11 Visual Arts students are currently participating in a unit of study based on the Archibald Portraiture Prize. As a real life activity, students have selected members of the community who have made a significant contribution to meet and paint a portrait of. Some of the interviews and sitting for portraiture are done via zoom, others can come to school out of hours. The Year 11 students will then give the portraiture to the community member as a thank you.

One of the community members is Chris Andrews, Leading Station Officer, Fire and Rescue NSW. A big thank you to Ms Langbein, one of our talented Art Teachers, for organising this project. She also recently submitted art work to Gorman, a Melbourne based clothing company, and her work is now part of their online gallery exhibition.

Steady Hands

If you’ve ever played the board game Operation, you’ve played a steady hand game. Year 8 students designed their own steady hand game using what they’ve learned about circuits and electricity during their study of Energy. As it turned out, navigating a metal hook along a copper wire maze is tricky!

Year 5 and 6 PBL

Year 5 and 6 students are excited about their Project Based Learning (PBL) activity on the Gold Rush. Exploring the question, ‘How can we as historians, teach our school community about The Gold Rush and the impact it had on Colonial Australia?’ they are gaining feedback from Year 12 students. It is great to see the older students working with the younger ones!

MOUNTAIN VIEW Kindy are camping at home to give kids a break from cancer!

Kindy H and Kindy K will be joining thousands of other Australian families for their first ever ‘Camp Quality Camp In’. Students will be setting up a campsite in their living room, backyard or anywhere at home on the evening of Saturday 4th July 2020 in the hope to raise funds for children with cancer. We are excited to join this special event as part of our ‘Service to Others Project’ as we think it is important for children to learn the importance of serving others and following the example that Jesus left for us. We are hoping to raise a minimum of $200 and need your help to reach our goal, and hopefully exceed it! Give up your morning coffee or a take away meal and donate this money towards a worthy cause. Please share this link and join us in raising funds for Camp Quality.

“God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them”. Hebrews 6:10 (NIV)

IT Experts Secret Talent: Spoken Word

This week, Year 5 had the absolute privilege of having Janice, our school’s IT expert, come to speak to us about writing slam poetry. Janice has an amazing talent of writing moving and powerful slam poetry pieces so Year 5 was very blessed to be taught by someone with such talent. Year 5 are in the process of writing their own piece that they will share with their peers and other teachers next week.

Thank you for giving up your time Janice to share your talent with us!

Year 3 Love Skipping

Year 3 students have been exploring movement skills and coordination through skipping this term. Some of the students are getting quite good and doing doubles and tricks under the guidance of Mrs Prassad.

Student ID Cards

As the College continues to rollout new systems to improve efficiencies and ease for students, the student cards are an ever-increasing importance to student life at the College. We ask that you please check with your child/ren that they have their student card and ask that you please ensure that it is with them at school at all times. It is a requirement for students to have their cards with them each day at school.

Student Cards are required for students to:

• Tap on and off the College Buses for transportation to and from school (future plans to open a parent portal for parents to view if their child is on the bus and the bus location will require students to use their student card to tap on and off the bus.)

• Tap on and off the College Buses for school excursions, external sports and other activities that are off campus

• Borrow books from the library

• Scan in when Late to school

• Scan out when leaving Early from school

• To enter and leave the Sick Bay

• Print school Assignments and Assessments using student printers

• Make purchases from the Canteen (planned future implementation)

Should your child have misplaced their Student Card, replacement ones are available from the office. Replacement cards are $10 per card. When a replacement card is issued, the previous student card will not be invalid as all of our systems will be updated with the new card details. We would appreciate your reinforcing the importance of the student card with your children and ensure that they have it with them at all times.

Student Printing and Photocopying

We are in the process of implementing the ability for students to print their school assignments and assessments on a central printer located in the library. Students will be allocated an amount of money to their student card each year that is applicable for their year level and subjects. Students will print their work and then are required to tap their student card at the printer to enable the print job. The print job will not be able to be printed with the student tapping their student ID card. This will be effective from Monday 22 June 2020.

In the situation that students use their allocated print allowance, additional amounts can be purchased by the students by visiting the Student Reception and paying for the extra allocation. The College’s allocation will be reset at the beginning of each school year and will be allocated on a pro-rata basis.

Inaugural Micah 6:8 Day

On the 24 June 2020, our college will be hosting its inaugural Micah 6:8 day, a day that will be set aside each year for our students to reflect on a social justice issue and on what it means to, “act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with your God”. This year, our Student Representative Council has chosen to focus on two themes across our college, in the Junior School “Compassion for all” and in the Middle and Senior Schools “The inequality that our indigenous community experience”

We anticipate, particularly in the Middle and Senior Schools that our reflection on this social justice issue will raise questions and we aim to explore those questions with our students in chapel and homerooms, in the context of our faith based perspective that we are called to treat one another with respect as we are all equal in God’s eyes.

We are asking for our students each to provide a gold coin donation for the opportunity to wear mufti to school. All money raised on the day will go towards The Way- a community church that provides a variety of services to both indigenous and non- indigenous Australians in Redfern.

Adventist Education’s motto “Nurture for Today, Learning for Tomorrow and Character of Eternity” like Micah 6:8 is our call to be part of the solution and it is our hope that with our Micah 6:8 day we can encourage our young people to do the same.


Bus Runs

With school operations returning to a new normal, we have reviewed our bus runs. We are in the process of hiring new bus drivers and will be adding an additional bus run in Term 3. We expect that the disruption to our community will be kept to a minimum and we thank you in advance for your understanding in these changes. Our intent is to enhance our bus service to our families and provide some more flexibility in our runs.

- To support our Year 12 students with their learning and upcoming Trial Examination, teachers have planned Term 2 holiday classes. We strongly encourage our Year 12s to prioritise attending.