Do you sell digital files? No. I gift them to you with every purchase of a matted 7x10.

Within one to two weeks of your portrait session, we will schedule an in person viewing of your entire gallery. We can meet up at the local bakery, coffee house, or if you are out of town - we can skype or facetime. There, you will proof a gallery of around 20 images in person. Every image that you choose to purchase from your gallery at the size of a matted 7x10 print or larger -- comes with the corresponding digital file, fully edited, and printable up to 8x12. Think of these prints as your negatives. Someday when I'm long gone... and so are you... our great great grandchildren will have these paper images to use as negatives. Who knows what will happen to all of your digital files or mine... But even if these never make it to your wall (and I hope they do) you can tuck them away in the top of a closet for safe keeping. And just as we have our family tree in print, so will they.

A professional lustre print, enclosed in acid free mats will last over 100 years without yellowing.

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