Footloose: The Musical At the BArter theatre


Footloose: The Musical is a story about a boy named Ren McCormick. Ren recently moves to a new town, where he finds out that both music and dancing are against the law. However, Ren not only loves listening to music, but he aslo loves to dance. This causes Ren's rebellious side to start stirring up trouble in the town.

Act 1:

Act 1 begins by showing Ren McCormick moving into a town called Bomont. He quickly learns about both music and dancing being against the town's laws. Ren quickly makes friends with Willard Hewitt and Ariel Moore. The rest of the first act is mostly Ren trying to adjust and fit in to his new town and school...a town and school where dancing and music aren't allowed.

Act 2:

Act 2 is where things start to really heat up. In this act, Ren's rebellious nature starts to stir things up. His friends start to feel the need to dance and sing, just as Ren does. This need for music and dance spreads throughout the town to the point where the town's high schoolers want to hold a school dance. However, Ariel's dad, the minister, isn't to keen on letting the town's rules be broken.


Will Ren and his friends finally bring song and dance to the town? Or will the town minister have his way and prevent the high school dance? Come down to the Barter Theatre and find out how the musical ends for yourself!

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