Baloney and his outter space adventure

Once again Baloney was late to his Jon Scieszka presentation.His teacher named Eric told him, "you better have a good and very believable excuse." Baloney said he had a good excuse...he was on the bus, when he noticed it was actually a space rocket! then a big fat ugly man eating pizza pushed the rocket with baloney inside to space. in space he found alien t-rex that wanted to eat him. when suddenly a t-rex WITH TROLL HAIR AND A UNICORN HORN singing taylor swift's songs squished him so hard he left him like a pancake.

suddenly dr. frankenstein took Baloney to a secret place where he had all of his experiments. later dr. frankenstein revived baloney. then dr. frankenstein trapped baloney with alien zombies. baloney had to use a spoon to dig a hole and break free. while he was running he found the death star. so he went inside, and he found 3 rats that were 5 feet tall. but he found a LIGHT SABER in time. when he finished with the rats he took a SPACESHIP home. but darth vader started chasing him. from out of nowhere bob the minion appeared and attacked darth vader.

when bob defeated darth vader he went to help baloney. bob took baloney to his planet but he got confused and took baloney very far from school and left baloney at mr. president's office. then mr. president was with them in his office. baloney asked him to take him to school for the presentation. mr. president took baloney in his private jet to school.

and that is why baloney was late once again,

The End!

Made by:Dani,Paulina,Jota,Natalie,and Camila

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