Dragon Journal December 11, 2020

A Message from the TSD Technology Department - Many families have inquired about the best way to restrict access or set time limits for specific content and apps on the district iPads. Screen Time is built into the iOS on iPads and can be set up and managed by individual families as they see fit. Screen Time allows parents to restrict or set time limits on apps and content such as: YouTube, Minecraft, Games, etc. The following link will guide you through setting up Screen Time. Please be sure you do not forget or misplace the Screen Time PIN you create, as there is no way for the technology department to retrieve this PIN. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT208982

PLEASE NOTE: Family Sharing is not recommended or supported on the district issued iPads.

Screen Time a great way to allow families individual control to the iPads. The district manages the iPads to balance safety and access to content necessary for learning, but it is not possible for the district to filter/restrict iPads in a manner that meets the needs of all families. It is important for all families to remember that the district filter is a first level of safety on the iPads, but parental involvement to frequently monitor these devices is necessary and is the best practice to keep students safe on-line. The district provided filter can change at anytime based on requests from the curriculum team or teachers, and it will change as students advance in grade levels. This is another reason, why it is important for parents to monitor student devices, check installed apps, and monitor the web history. Please keep in mind that many teachers regularly share YouTube videos with students, and YouTube is accessible on student iPads in grades 4-12. If you restrict YouTube in Screen Time, you will need to allow access temporarily as necessary for school assignments.

The Family Literacy Video Collections - These collections help parents and caregivers with ways to support their children with reading, writing, phonics, and finding and accessing books. The videos are between 3 and 9 minutes in length, on a variety of topics, and they will be adding new videos to the collection periodically. Please take a look to learn more about how parents can support their children during virtual learning.

Holiday Tradition Activity - This month, students submitted family's special traditions in the schoolwide Holiday Tradition activity. We made a collection of the students' submissions and wanted to share it with you. https://padlet.com/schroedercommunity/wfgn1pbsrnhs1h92 . This activity was a wonderful way of connecting all of our families in these traditions that bind us together.

Reading Assessment Day - The Troy School District is conducting reading assessments on January 8th. During this day, classroom teachers will not teach lessons. Support staff teaching will take place as normal. Classroom teachers will establish a schedule to work with students one on one and learn more about supporting students in literacy. After assessment day, teachers, support staff, and administration will collaborate on instructional practices. This is an important day for our school. Please remember that classroom lessons will not take place on January 8th.

Schroeder Named MI Heart Safe School! - Schroeder Elementary has recently been named as a MI Heart Safe School. There are certain requirements to receive this award. Schools must have a certain number of staff trained on using an AED, schools must conduct emergency cardiac practice drills, schools must meet specific AED requirements, and many other standards are implemented. These requirements are maintained for numerous years. After a review of our school’s procedures and protocols, Schroeder Elementary was awarded the certification. It is just one more thing we have done to maintain a healthy and safe school environment!

Schroeder Kindness - Schroeder 5th graders displayed their Schroeder kindness by supporting the children in the Beaumont Pediatric Unit last Thursday through the Moonbeams for Sweet Dreams program. Schroeder 5th graders wished a night filled with sweet dreams via video messages to these courageous children. This outpouring of love and support is a wonderful example of true Schroeder kindness. Great job everyone!

Schroeder 4th Grade Wax Museum - Despite being in the virtual learning setting, Schroeder 4th grade students persevered by participating in one of the best Schroeder Wax Museums ever! The students researched a person, created a poster to present their findings, and developed a short minute speech that they memorized and presented to fellow students via Zoom! Fantastic job students and teachers!

Mrs. Keegan's Wax Museum
Mrs. Malavolti's Wax Museum
Mrs. Calvird's Wax Museum
Mrs. Temrowski's Wax Museum
Mrs. Bolden's students proudly display their "Greatest Gifts" during their writing activity.

Happy retirement to Mrs. Stephanie Snider, LMSW! - Mrs. Snider was a social worker in the Troy School District for 19 years, of which she spent her last 8 years at Schroeder. She supported many students in the district. Her expertise in social work and bringing 'mindfulness' to the students (and Staff!) will surely be missed by all. She has impacted many students and staff over the years. Her efforts will continue to impact many lives. Thank you for all your hard work, Mrs. Snider!

Distinguished Speaker at Schroeder! - Congratulations to Updeys Singh for being honored with the Distinguished Speaker Award in his age group by the Sikh Youth Alliance of North America in this year’s Sikh Youth Symposium. His presentation on Sikh ethos and history, combining their importance to interfaith harmony and peace in today’s world, drew critical acclaim from the panel of distinguished judges, and was highly praised by the audience attending the program. Incredible job, Updeys! We are so proud of your achievement!

Updeys Singh presenting at this year’s Sikh Youth Symposium

Future Dates to Consider

  • December 21 to January 1 - Winter Break
  • January 4 - Classes resume
  • January 8 - Reading Assessment Day (Follow your classroom teacher's schedule)
  • January 15 - Half Day / 12:00pm Dismissal
  • January 18 - Martin Luther King Jr. Day