Digital Tools YouTube & khan academy

There is a wide range of digital tools available that can help extend learning opportunities, whether its using visual and audio representation through the use of videos or through written content


Youtube is one digital tool that is being used more and more these days, it aids learning through visual and audio representation.

Advantages of using Youtube

  • Its easy for the learner to see how things are done and in what way they are done
  • Learners may find the content easier to understand with the help of visual and audio aid
  • Youtube can be used to search for a given subject or a specific part within a subject, resulting in multiple videos from different sources
  • Rewind, pause and skip capabilities are useful if any points of the video is not fully understood or missed.
  • Videos can be explained in more detail through commentary
  • Videos can be interesting and keep the user entertained and engaged
  • The site is available 24 hrs a day as long as there is an internet connection, meaning the user can learn at anytime to suit they're needs
  • Youtube can be very useful for people who prefer a visual approach to learning

Disadvantages of using Youtube

  • Information contained within the videos may not always be reliable as anyone is able to upload videos
  • Viewers can be distracted by other videos
  • Some of the videos may be hard to follow of gain information from due to things such as lack of audio
  • An internet connection is needed to view videos
  • Viewers is unable to ask questions if any of the information contained within the videos are not fully understood

I've used YouTube to source information on a number of topics including PLC programming and material structures. It has improved my learning experience because it provides a good explanation of the topics I was unsure about. In my opinion YouTube videos are a good way of learning as you are able to listen and take notes, and if any points are must you are able to pause, rewind and repeat. I found it very helpful as I find it easier to listen to the explanation with visual aids rather than simply reading the description.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalised learning dashboard that empower learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom. Subjects include math, science, computer programming, history, art history, economics, and more.

Advantages of using Khan academy

  • Khan academy is a website that provides exercises, tutorials and tests to a wide range of ages and skill level
  • A wide range of subjects are available
  • Because it is available 24 hrs a day users can learn at a time that best suits them and not just within class time
  • Tutorial videos are available to help users
  • It is well presented and easy to use, with categories clearly headed and subcategories colour coded
  • Keeps track of the progress made and gives a percentage of the criteria achieved
  • You are able to work at your own pace

Disadvantages of using Khan Academy

  • It is less interactive than having a face-to-face with a teacher or tutor
  • The learner is only exposed to one teaching style
  • An internet connection is needed to gain access to the website
  • If the learner is unsure about something they are unable to ask questions

I have used Khan academy to help me progress with my learning in subjects such as math. It has helped me improve my learning experience as it is an engaging website which contains a vast array of information on many subjects. The fact that it keeps track and displays how well you are progressing through each of the topics is a great feature, as it can show you what areas you are doing good at and what areas may need more work. The website is easy to navigate through, once a subject is selected a new page opens up which displays all of the topics related to that subject, this is a good feature for selecting a certain topic within a subject and not just the whole subject in total.

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