Sunday Supplement 42 - Grateful for the past? the skylark collective channelled by lesley curtis

There are many reasons that one may be grateful for the past and for things that have occurred. There are many reasons why one may be grateful for events that have shaped one. It is always wise to look at the past with eyes that are kind for if one did not experience such challenging things then one would not be who one was.

And one must always be grateful for who one is and who one has become.

Despite unfortunate happenings in the past, one can become loving in the now. That is a great ideal that many aspire to and that is our role as teachers – to allow others to see themselves as we see them, in beauty and light and without prejudice.

And prejudice is such a strong word. Prejudice means looking at someone with eyes that are not loving and with eyes that are shadowed. It is rather like having the wool taken from one’s eyes when one stops looking at the past with regret or angst. Do not look at the past as if it is a stick to beat rather than a way to learn.

And once that perspective is changed, many things may be accomplished.

Creating inner harmony through Sound, Song, Voice and Word, Lesley Curtis is a story teller, performer, musician and trance channel medium who works with the Skylark Collective to bring forward wisdom and perspective. She is available for performance, talks, voicework, workshops, teaching and one-to-one channelled life-guidance consultations.

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