Town of Abrams Alina matuszewski

Town hall meetings occur at 5877 Main st. 54101 every 2nd Thursday of the month.

Any and all members of the town government maybe contacted through the link labeled "Officials"

Minutes:1)The snow plow and the fire department: During winter an unidentified man used the fire departments tractor to clear their drive way, the only issue being is that the unidentified man put snow in the wrong places and then ran into the garage leaving a large dent in the metal.

This button below labeled "Minutes" will take you to a larger list of issues and agendas.

Minute: 2)voting referendum: The town of Abrams wants to use there power as a direct democracy to improve the elementary schools parking lot and play ground.
Minute: 3) 1969) Repair and replace old heating system from 1969 and replace roof as well.
Minute: 4) New Parking lot) Requesting/requested to appear before commission to pave new parking lot area.
I selected minute 1 as my issue of choice. My town is/has handled the job in a very well for its considerable small size. I am not in agreement with the way they are handling it because they did not catch the man who had worked the heavy machinery. If we as a community could by some chance "catch" the culprit it would be a much faster and simpler process.


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