UPHYCA Japanese Modern Traditional Witchcraft Workgroup


The word “religion” separated us from the gods and goddesses. We thinking about of all previous and ancient prayers before that. We seeking to the path of Japanese Modern Traditional Witchcraft next by the fire.

UPHYCA のはじまり

The beginning of UPHYCA

UPHYCA は2013年8月に現代魔女術実践家・谷崎榴美によって設立された現代日本の巫術(witchcraft)実践グループです。宗教と権力が交わる以前の、原始的で女性的な民間の霊的風習と祈りの術の再構築を目指しています。

UPHYCA is a Japanese modern traditional witchcraft workgroup group founded in August 2013 by Lumi Tanizaki. We aims to reconstruct the art of pray for primitive and feminine spirituality, and regain spirituality from religion linked to politics and power.

UPHYCAという名は、縄文の記憶を色濃く残すアイヌ民族の言葉で「燃やす」という意味の「ウフィカ」、ポリネシア神話の火山の女神「マフィカ」、そして現代魔女宗の「ウィッカ」から着想を得てつけました。また、UPHYCA を発足する大きなきっかけのひとつになったのが2011年3月11日の東日本大震災です。英国式数秘術では444となり、この数字は核エネルギーを表すnuclearと同価となります。

The name UPHYCA is inspired by the Ainu language “uphyca”meaning “burn”, the goddess of the volcano “Mahuika” in Polynesian mythology, and “Wicca” of the modern witch religion. The Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011 was one of the triggers for launching UPHYCA.In British numerology, it is 444, which is equivalent to nuclear.


The image we use as an SNS icon isn't actually a flame, but a clip from a news video that simulates the movement of pollutants flowing out of the ocean from a meltdown nuclear power plant.

UPHYCAは日本を含む環太平洋火山帯文化全域の女性の古の宗教を再構築することを目指しています。火山、雷、雨、海、火、水、月、獣、ひめひこ。これらの織りなす風景がUPHYCA の世界観を構成し、お互いに結ばれたり解けたりを繰り返しながら物語を紡ぎます。

UPHYCA aims to reconstruct the ancient religion of women throughout the Pacific Rim volcanic belt culture, including Japan. Volcano, lightning, rain, sea, fire, water, moon, beasts and himehiko. These weaving landscapes make up the UPHYCA worldview, spinning the story while being tied and untied together.

縄文時代とは日本の時代区分で、中〜新石器時代に該当します。縄文文化は耕作と金属錬成そして中央集権的文化である弥生時代の到来までの間長く栄えました。数々の素晴らしい土器製品とストーンサークルなどの遺跡が残されています。UPHYCA の手仕事のモチーフの多くは縄文土器からインスパイアされました。私たちは、土器の紋様をなぞることで、はるか古の女性たちの心のひだに触れようと試みます。

The Jomon era is a Japanese era classification, which corresponds to the Middle to Neolithic eras. Jomon culture prospered long before the advent of the Yayoi period, a cultivation and metal forging and centralized culture. There are many wonderful pottery products and archeological sites such as stone circles. Many of UPHYCA's handicraft motifs were inspired by Jomon pottery. We attempt to touch the folds of women of our ancestors by tracing the pottery pattern.



UPHYCA には独自の神話がいくつかあります。神話は巫女の口により語られ、伝えられます。

UPHYCA has some own myths. Myths are told and conveyed by the witch’s mouth.


Fire and water, tying and unwinding, activation and soothing. The opposing energies are stored in witch’s palm and mixed. This is our prayer.


Using her mouth, her palm, her arm, her hair, and her womb. Witches play and joy with deities. The body of the witch is the “vessel” itself.

Osore Uyamai Itsukushimi Tohotomi Kotohogi..


Faith and after death

UPHYCA では3組の『ひめひこ』をお祀りします。ひめひことは男女一対の神々のことです。

UPHYCA worships three pairs of "Himehiko". Himehiko mean is a pair of daities of both genders.

UPHYCA の巫女は肉体の死を迎えそれぞれの行うべきことを済ませたら、西之島の命の巡りに溶け、みなもとのははへと還ります。

UPHYCA's witches dies, completes their tasks, and melts into Nishinoshima's life cycle, returning to their “Minamoto no Haha” means primal mother goddess.

『みなもとのはは』『たまわりみこ 』UPHYCA の主神は独自の女神と男神で、それぞれの真名は秘されています。

"Minato no Haha" and "Tawari Miko" are UPHYCA’s main deities. Their real names are secret.

『すなたまししむらゆかりのひめひこ 』巫女それぞれが個人的に縁深い神々。

"Suna,Tama ,Shishimura Yukari no Himehiko" Each witchs personally related deities, spirits, memes and ancestors.

『にしのひめひこ』UPHYCA 結成直後の水曜にうまれた西之島新島の土地の神々。産まれたての無垢な土地神として、巫女たちが日々かわるがわるお世話をします。

“Nishino Himehiko” are deities of the land of Nishinoshima and Niijima, born on Wednesday immediately after the launch of UPHYCA. As a pure newborn genius loki the witches cherishes and loves like a own babies.


Nishino Shima island



刺繍、折紙、あやとりなどの手仕事はUPHYCA の巫女の祈りのすべの多くを占めています。日々の営みのはざまの時に手をうごかして、無形の祈りのかたちをとらえます。

Embroidery, origami and ayatori, these are the main methods of praying for UPHYCA’s witches. Move their hands during their daily life to touch the shapes of invisible daities and energy.




A prayer gesture beside the fire. Spin a silent spell, guided by the shimmering fire. It is the art of witch who rejoices through the body to Himehikos.



『はざまの女神うらない』と『ひめひこの数珠うらない』はUPHYCA 独自の卜占です。道具は巫女が行として自分でつくります。

"Hazama's Goddess Urunai" and "Himehiko's Rosary" are UPHYCA's own divinations. Tools are made by the witches on their own.







・Hiasobi Ko

Gathering of UPHYCA‘s witches twice a year. A meeting that is open to the winter and summer solstice. Performs fortune-telling and crafts. Receive the oracles for the next six months and look back at the oracles for the past six months. The recruitment period for new witches for one month after the Ko.



・Hazama Ko

A meeting once every few months. We do singing, movement, and divination together. Anyone can participate. There is also a Hazama witch who participates only in this Ko.


Wednesday fire ritual


30-minute pray every Wednesday from 23:00. Each prayer lights a fire and spends the time of own pray.


UPHYCA の巫女になる方法

How to become a UPHYCA’s witch


If you are interested, please contact twitter's DM during the recruitment period. The application period is usually one month from the winter solstice and summer solstice.


Applicants should check the SNS so that they do not miss out on recruitment announcements.



An adult woman who is connected to the Internet and can use SNS such as Evernote, Twitter, Skype, LINE etc...without any problems, and feels connected to the spiritual culture of the Pacific Rim volcanic belt including Japan.


Sister groups


Miahe Motohime Worshippers


Two spirits Ko

Emi Tame HimeHiko.