The Divine Play Experience Experienced by elizabeth murray

Upon walking into the theatre, I first noticed a few abstract art pieces, various posters hanging up, and a swarm of kids taking photos. I was lucky enough to be seated in the middle towards the front and had a great view of the show. When the lights went out I experienced a brief heightening of senses as my adrenaline began to rush. The role of place in the Good Life is very essential, because if I had been sitting behind a very tall person, or beside a person constantly on their phone, I would not have had a good experience and would have been upset with the play as a whole.

The Spatial Experience
The Social Experience

I attended the performance with two of my friends, Viktor and Ludo. It made the experience better because we could bemuse what the performance might be about, and talk about the play during the intermission and after to all grasp different aspects of the play we might not have caught. The role of shared experiences is essential to the Good Life because it provides many different perspectives, and it also provides an entertainment factor to share an experience with close friends.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

The central idea of the play was pointed at the Catholic church covering up pedophilic crimes committed by the religious leaders of the church. This play reminded me of the recent movie Spotlight, which made it even more interesting for me to watch as I connected the two performances. The performance reinforced the disgust I have towards those crimes, especially when they tried to cover it up.

The Emotional Experience

The play provided me with katharsis as the extreme actions of the catholic church and the flawed characters who worked to oust their gross wrongdoings allowed me to look inside myself and examine my own flaws. I, too, have been ashamed of a secret I have had and refused to tell anyone else, no matter how much I should've. It also gave perspective on other people's problems and how someone will always have it worse.

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